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Take the right road with Amsterdams Goed

Sustainable, matching outfits for the whole family? This is possible thanks to Amsterdams Goed.

Amsterdams Goed, what is that?

This brand was founded in the Netherlands in 2019 by Mona Konings. With her clothing brand, she wanted to make a counter-movement against the Fast Fashion world. That's why Mona decided to work only on request. What the brand even more special makes are the authentic prints.

Amsterdams Goed is good for the planet

Amsterdams Goed only works with silk and GOTS-certified organic cotton and ink. They also use upcycled materials such as post-consumer denim. Everything is made in Amsterdam in collaboration with Atelier: Made Here. In this way, they keep the transport low. Could it be even better? Yes, because Amsterdams Goed is based on the ideas of Zero Waste. So all the leftovers are processed into new material.

Locals at Amsterdams Goed

All production takes place in the Netherlands and together with Atelier: Made Here. During the production, there are no low-wage countries involved and their workers in Amsterdam are paid according to the Dutch law of minimum brut wage and minimum holiday allowance. This states that every employee must be paid a minimum of 1594.20 euros per month.


A Made In The Netherlands label that is sustainable, applies the principles of Zero Waste and has original clothes. What else do you need?