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Are you looking for a natural deodorant that is not only sustainable but also beautiful and effective? Then Agent Nateur is the right place for you. This brand originated in California and produces unisex deodorants, shaving oils, face creams, and much more!

Founder, Jena Covello, had suffered from hormone-related health problems since childhood and sought solutions in Eastern, South American, and Western medicine. She chose organic food and non-harmful cleaning products, but beautiful natural cosmetics and deodorants were hard to come by.

She decided to make and test her own deodorant, a natural one that was aluminium-free but also smelt good and was effective. The result was Agent Nateur, luxury cosmetics, and natural deodorants for sensitive skin.


All products at Agent Nateur are Ecocert certified, so you can be sure that all ingredients are natural and between 10-95% organic. The natural deodorants, facial oils, and cleansing sprays are also free from GMOs and harmful chemicals. For example, the deodorant consists of coconut oil, avocado butter, rapeseed oil, and lavender.

Most regular deodorants contain aluminium to make you sweat less, but aluminium has been linked to hormone-disrupting effects. The Dutch Health Council advises limiting the use of this heavy metal. At Agent Nateur, you won't find any aluminium in your deodorant! Nice to know: the deodorants are unisex and thanks to the natural ingredients, they are also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

We also find a lot of knowledge of traditional medicine in their beauty products. For example, Agent Nateur uses Helichrysum, a flower that helps fight wrinkles. This flower has played a role in traditional medicine for centuries.


Agent Nateur works with small family businesses in Europe as well as in the United States, and knows its suppliers well. For example, the flower extracts come from Germany, the date seed extracts from the Middle East, the lavender from France and the hawkweed from Germany. The brand knows the exact origin of each ingredient and also communicates this to the customers. We at COSH think this is great! Super, so we have a good view on where the ingredients come from.

Animal Welfare

Agent Nateur does not have a leaping bunny nor a PETA certificate, which would guarantee that the product has not been tested on animals, so we don't dare make any statements about this. If we look at the ingredients in Agent Nateur, we do not find any animal ingredients, so we can say that the brand is vegan.

Circular economy

There is still a lot of plastic around the sustainable deodorants in the packaging, which is a small drawback.

We at COSH! think it's great that you offer Agent Nateur a sustainable alternative to cosmetics and deodorants. Take a look at the following points of sale

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