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Totally African

Afritique brings Africa to you with fun and exotic wax prints.


Are you also fond of those beautiful African prints? Simone shares your passion. That's why she started Afritique in 2018. A clothing and accessory brand that mainly uses wax print from Africa. With her brand, Simone wants to put Africa in a positive light. Something that according to her happens too little and COSH! agrees with her.

And what about the planet?

Simone works with textile remnants for its designs but strives to end up without waste. In the future, she wants to do even more for the environment by working with sustainable materials. So it is not certain that the materials she uses now are good for the planet. What we do know is that she makes everything by hand in the Netherlands. Simone would like to change that. There are no plans yet to move all the production to Africa, but the idea does exist.

Simone loves Afrika

With her brand, she wants to generate more attention to Africa. In the hope that rising demand for wax print would stimulate social and economic developments in the future.


Afritique brings Africa to you.