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Without fear, the powers at bay could not control the many

This is not acceptable. We have been deceived, we have been failed and so many people, young and old, have been drilled with absolute fear. And it’s been that fear that has been driving this situation forward.

The more fearful you are the easier you are to be controlled and manipulated. The less fearful you are the harder it is to beans by us being here, proves that to be true. It shows the people at the top of the chain that we are not afraid. We are not afraid and we will fight until fear is overridden by strength, knowledge and unity.

Without fear, the powers at bay could not control the many. They could not drive people into submission, they could not create division between the people and they could not strip away the responsibility to think for themselves.

They could not achieve their hidden agenda’s, and without the mainstream media, those fears could not be.

As a young person, it saddens me the most to see so many of my own generation and younger deceived and living in this fear. Many do not realize just how threatened our futures are. As young people and children, we are the main target. We are young and evergrowing and our minds are very easy to mould, and that has been done by means of reality TV, manipulative, brainwashing, influencing ways of social media.

The powers at bay, they don’t want young people to know anything that is different to us, then what is presented through our phone and tv screens. They don’t want us to see the real world for what it actually is. They don’t want us to be able to communicate properly, to be strong-minded and they don’t want us by any means to have our own minds. As young growing individuals, they don’t care about us at all.

As young people, we always say how much we want to change the world. And if we want to do so, we must start looking up and out from those screens at the real world around us. Open our eyes and empower our minds with knowledge. Question absolutely everything from social media to mainstream media to COVID19.

On the 19th of March, the government stated that the virus downgraded from being a highly infectious disease, 4 days later we went into lockdown. Why?

The half secretary said that 2 households can meet in a public space, but not in a pub garden. However, the pub garden is a public space.

Are wearing a mask because you are fearful of this virus and others around you? Or are you wearing a mask just because you’ve been told to, in the places you’ve been told to wear them, out of fear of the consequences?

Are you wearing a mask because you are fearful of this virus? Or are you wearing a mask out of fear of law reinforcement consequences?

Do you believe everything you’ve been told, just because you’ve told it’s happening, it exits and it’s for your own benefit? Or are you able to think for yourself and find out information for yourself instead of the government and the media doing it for you? There is absolutely nothing logical or straight forward about COVID19. There is a much bigger picture to be looked at. So I strongly encourage you to look into the following:

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Part 6: Sheffield, Yorkshire

In this golden age of information ignorance is a choice.

We are here for the freedom gathering, there experts that advise the government, the mainstream media and the government itself is lying to us. In this golden age of information ignorance is a choice. The ignorance will keep us from our future and for our grandchildren. I am not a writer, I am not here to sell you a book, I am not here to spread so called mis-information or conspiracy theories but I am here to talk to you about the facts.
I am a working-class lad, someones dad, someones partner, as a free person we are in danger of that freedom being taken from us.