It is almost Mother’s Day. Do you also often think by yourself: “what to give my mother for Mother’s Day?” and “what gift will make my mother happy?” Well, what makes your mom happier than an experience, maybe even together with you? Therefore we created a list of several sustainable workshops in the Netherlands that you and your mom can follow, from upcycling your clothes to making your own bag to getting ethical styling advice to swapping clothes together. With these Mother’s Day gift ideas your mom will remember this day for a long time!

Monsak in Amsterdam

Make your own bag!

Do you want to give a personal Mother’s Day gift? At the Monsak atelier in Amsterdam you can attend wonderful workshops that will teach you how to make your own leather handbag. Book your spot through the Monsak website! Monsak is also hosting a Mother’s Day giveaway where you can win a mini-workshop where you will make leather handbags. Take your chance!

Ethical Fashion Stylist in Amsterdam

Receive ethical and responsible fashion advice

Is your mother into ethical fashion or do you want to give her a push in the right direction? Then book a workshop at the Ethical Fashion Stylist! At the Private Shopping Workshop you will discover your own unique clothing style combined with sustainable brands together with Ethical Fashion Stylist Ashna. Or, you can follow a Fashion Forward Tour about the past, present and future of the fashion industry. Here you will be able to discover sustainable, vintage and zero-waste fashion and meet the changemakers in the industry.

Or what about a Workshop Mindfull Fashion? Here you will discover what lives inside you so you can decide what truly fits your personality.

Do you also sometimes stand in front of your closet and have no idea what to wear? Then the Closet Session Workshop will be a perfect fit! Together with Ashna you will dive into your closet and find new combinations and ways to make your wardrobe feel and fit you again.

Find all the workshops and more information here!

Soon new classes of creating and repairing clothes will start soon in her atelier at Takkebijsters 7 in Breda on Thursday afternoon and evening. On May 15th there is an open atelier day where you are able visit the atelier and follow a trial course.

From September on she will teach new master classes on Thursday mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Fashion For Good in Amsterdam

Make a dried flowers bouquet at the Sustainable Fashion Museum

Are you looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift? During Mother's Day weekend, Fashion For Good organizes a workshop together with Flowers & Powers. During the workshop on Saturday afternoon you will learn how to make a dried flower bouquet or a dried flower hoop!

Are you interested? Check out the workshop here!

For more events in the Fashion For Goods museum in the coming months, click here!

De Steek in Amsterdam

Get creative at De Steek

At De Steek you are able to find experts for every type of creative workshop. Are you mostly interested in pattern drawing or sewing? Or would you like to make your own lingerie set in a workshop of multiple days? Darning, dyeing and upcycling will have no more secrets for you if you choose one of these workshops at De Steek. They offer both beginner and advanced workshops which makes sure that there will be one that fits your mom.

Curious? Find all of their upcoming workshops here.

The Swap Shop in Amsterdam or Rotterdam

Go swap clothes with your mom!

Are you looking forward to a shopping trip with your mom? Then make sure to stop by The Swap Shop in Amsterdam or Rotterdam! Give them your old or unused pieces of clothing and get swapping credits in return with which you can “buy” other pre-loved pieces of clothing!

It is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the clothes you do not wear anymore and a lovely shopping trip!

Denim City in Amsterdam

Make your own jeans item or customize your denim

Do you want to take your Mother’s Day gift to the next level? At Denim City in Amsterdam you can follow multiple-day workshops where you will learn how to create your own denim jacket, jeans, apron or bag. Or, you can also follow a workshop where they teach you how to customize your denim. This all goes under the guidance of the house denim master tailor.

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