14th of June marks Father's Day, the day when all fathers deserve to be pampered. Do you have a tough, hip or fashionable father? Whoever your father is, the perfect gift for him is out there somewhere. Make this the year that you get him an original and sustainable Father’s Day gift using our list.

César Menswear

César Menswear in Mortsel is the man cave where every man wishes they got their clothes. Why is that you might be wondering? Well, you walk through the door and straight into a pub. Only here the smell is not of beer but rather of amazing clothes all men dream of. It offers sustainable brands such as Armedangels, Thinking Mu, Nudie Jeans, Dedicated, Munoman, Brava Fabrics and Indosoles. April through September, you can even go there for a drink of their beer Reever on their terrace, although for the time being, that might not be possible. Buy your father a nice outfit at César, or buy a gift voucher so he can also enjoy the unique shopping experience on offer.

Men's Supergoods pop-up

Hurry to the Supergoods men’s pop-up shop in Ghent. “A Supergoods men’s shop?” you might be thinking! Yup...In compliance with corona measures, this well-known sustainable concept store has opened another shop which men can enjoy to themselves. All of the brands in Supergoods use organic,recycled or low impact materials, and they must either be made in Europe or satisfy certain environmental and social standards of production. Supergoods has an extensive range of gift sets, accessories and men’s clothing. Enjoy choosing a cool gift for your father, or get him a gift voucher so he can enjoy it himself.


Does your father need a new backpack? Maybe a pinqponq backpack is exactly what he’s been dreaming of? The brand sells multifunctional backpacks made from recycled materials which are ideal for everyone’s new favourite way of commuting… The pinqponq backpack, with its carry handles and laptop compartment, is definitely the right bag for a bike ride. Or do you go on hikes with your father? Get matching durable backpacks for the two of you! pinqponq is for sale at Blender in Brussels and Fresh in Bruges.


Is there space for a cool new bottle in your father’s new backpack? That’s where Dopper comes in! Dopper makes durable drinking bottles that help clear our ocean of plastic. Did you know that every year 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean? Awful isn’t it. Buy a Dopper bottle and help reduce the plastic soup and support projects such as improving drinking water in Nepal.


A fashionable raincoat from Maium to match his new backpack? Although there is currently a drought in Belgium, you can never usually be too sure with the weather. So you’d better be prepared with a good raincoat. These jackets are for sale at Harvest Club in Leuven.

Green Sleep

Does your father have a bad back, or does he just deserve a better night’s sleep? Let your father get up on the right side of the bed every morning thanks to a Green Sleep mattress. Ergonomics are an important consideration in a good night’s sleep. Green Sleep mattresses are not only ergonomic, but also made-to-measure, made from 100% ecological materials and handmade in Belgium! Their bedding, pillows and duvets are also made from natural raw materials. Buy Green Sleep at Ergodôme.

Captain Cork

Captain Cork is the place to go for a laptop bag. Looking for a practical bag that’s also vegan? The bag has a classic look and protects your valuables from the wind and rain. Don’t worry though, a bag made out of cork doesn’t stand out in a drought either. You can buy a matching wallet for your father too to complete the look.


Does your father work, travel and have a great sense of style? Then Freitag is the brand for him. Their bags can be used for both travel and work, and are stylish and sustainable. The bags and backpacks come in many models and colours, and are made from recovered truck tarps. You can’t get much tougher than a bag made from an old truck!

Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard, it’s in the name...basic clothing in all the colours of the rainbow. Very handy for a Father’s Day gift as you can’t go wrong with a basic item in a nice colour. The collection includes t-shirts, sweaters and beanies. AND, everything is ecological and high quality. Shop the brand at Moose in the City in Antwerp and Harvest Club in Leuven.


Do the standard sizes of most sustainable jeans brands not fit your father? (Hint: use the ‘jeans’ filter on the COSH! shopping guide) Then get him the unique gift of a custom-made pair of jeans from Godfrieds in Wakken. Place your order online in complete safety, then enter his sizes and the garment will be custom-made for you. From just 120 euros, you can order the trousers he’s been waiting for all this time!

Dedicated & A-dam

Do you want to contribute to your father’s staycation? Buy swimming trunks with fun prints from Dedicated to make a splash in the pool. Or would you prefer some trunks from A-dam? That’s possible too. Just find out on COSH! which shops sell Dedicated and A-dam as well as other fun swimming trunks.


Do you want your father to think about you everyday? What better way than through shoes?! Go for some trendy Vejas. A white shoe with a colourful V, simple but beautiful! Get some at Pure in Mechelen, as well as Supergoods in Antwerp, Mechelen, and Ghent, but also at Harvest Club in Leuven.


Hooked is an environmentally conscious outdoor brand sold at Local Collab in Antwerp. Hooked offers t-shirts, hoodies and beanies for environmentally conscious customers and nature lovers. All clothing is made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel, lyocell, sheep and alpaca wool.


Men also want to take care of their skin and keep it looking radiant. Buy Father’s Day skincare from Doers at Clothilde and Supergoods or Bad Weather at Druantia so your father can keep his skin looking young.

Yuma Labs

Do you want to surprise your father with a cool new pair of sunglasses? Then Yuma Labs is the place for you! Yuma Labs print state of the art sunglasses from recycled waste using a 3D printer in their studio in Antwerp. So gift your father some unique glasses made from old fridges, car parts and even waste from the Scheldt.


Newcomer to the Belgian sustainable shoe market is Faguo which offers your father a casual shoe he’s sure to love and wear every day. Faguo is sold at Freedom in Aalst and Dendermonde or Mr. Ego in Brussels. These three shops all have a large range of men’s shoes so you’re sure to find something.


Say it with a card… Add a card with a fun quote from Fonetik to your gift.

Now you have lots of gift ideas to make this the best Father’s Day ever! Every father deserves to be spoilt from time to time... For more gift ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day and Christmas blog posts.

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