Looking for the perfect warm and soft winter coat? That can be a challenge. Especially when you want to score one that is also sustainable. Clothing manufacturers have to take many criteria into account and therefore often do not choose the most eco-friendly option.

For instance, many coats contain coatings based on harmful chemicals to make them water-repellent. In addition, many coats are also made in China, where workers do not always work in the best conditions.

Yet not all coats made in China are unethical. Here at COSH! We pay particular attention to the right certificates. In terms of sustainability, jackets made of one type of material have an advantage, as they are easier to recycle than those made of a mix of materials.

Do you want to buy a new, beautiful coat without any worries? Then be sure to read further as COSH! selected some sustainable brands for you.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs

Designer winter coats at Embassy of Bricks and Logs

SUSTAINABLE PLUS POINT: consists entirely of recycled PET

German outdoor brand Embassy of Bricks and Logs makes stylish winter coats, mackintoshes and scarves from mainly recycled materials. Each one is a quality jacket designed with an eye for detail. Also discover their soft fake fur coats made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The entire collection at Embassy of Bricks and Logs is PETA certified. So it's ideal if you're looking for animal-friendly clothing. Moreover, all materials are OekoTex or Bluesign certified. That is, including the zips and snaps. This ensures that no harmful chemicals have been used for your warm winter coat.

In their own words, Embassy still wants to improve in terms of working conditions, and they have an action plan to maintain sustainable relationships with their partners. The outdoor clothing brand would like to be certified to verify their ethical standards.

Shop the brand at thegreenlables, Harvest Club, Tally-Ho, Supergoods mechelen and Antwerp.

Shop the brand at Supergoods!


Cycling in the rain with Maium

SUSTAINABLE PLUS POINT: Materials with Global Recycling Standard

Amsterdam-based brand Maium uses at least 85% recycled PET bottles to ensure you get around dry and warm. Are you a cyclist? Then this jacket is ideal for you. That's because you can widen the jacket along the sides and pull it over your handlebars. This also keeps your hands and legs dry during a rainy bike ride. The quality rain jackets, body warmers and winter jackets are all circularly produced without harmful chemicals. Fun fact: the entire collection is also vegan and thanks to the BSCI certificate, Maium can ensure good working conditions in China.

Shop the brand at RECYCLE, Eerlijk Waar, MAke Hasselt, Up To Do Good, Brandmission, thegreenlables, HOST, Harvest Club, Supergoods, Het Faire Oosten and Moose in the City.

Shop the brand at Brandmission!


Brave wind and weather with Langerchen jackets

SUSTAINABLE PLUS POINT: Honestly made in an in-house factory

Langerchen's quality jackets are made from organic wool, linen, usually combined with recycled polyester or recycled nylon. Besides the classic collection, Langerchen has also released a separate vegan rainwear collection, whose Coat Mira Short was awarded the PETA-Vegan Fashion Award 2020 as the best outdoor clothing piece. This vegan winter coat uses soy wax instead of beeswax to make it water-repellent.

The production of the quality coats takes place in their own factory in China. Since they are factory owners themselves, it is easier for Langerchen to ensure good working conditions. Fair compensation and good work-life balance are very important to Langerchen, which we at COSH! can only encourage.

Shop the brand at Tenue préférée, Up To Do Good, Brandmission Amsterdam, thegreenlables and Pek & Kleren.

Shop the brand at Pek & Kleren!


Recycled materials at Patagonia

SUSTAINABLE PLUS POINT: Soon to be completely carbon neutral

For its outdoor clothing and jackets, clothing brand Patagonia uses recycled polyester. Patagonia wants to design jackets that are long-lasting and easy to repair. All materials at this revolutionary clothing brand are extensively researched and tested to bring you the best possible quality, with the smallest possible environmental impact. Patagonia aims to be carbon neutral by 2025. The brand aims to use only renewable or recycled materials by then. Super!

Shop the brand at Moose in the city!

King louie

King Louie

For a beautiful winter coat with a vintage look, King Louie is the place to be. The collection consists of coats made of soft corduroy and checked patterns. For King Louie, fair production is very important, and the brand also strives to use sustainable materials as much as possible.

Shop the brand at King Louie, De Toekan, SeventyOne, Tally-Ho, Lena fashion library, Helly secondhand and Juno.

Shop the brand at King Louie!

The Swapshop

The Swapshop

Swap yourself warm! The Swapshop Amsterdam is currently full of cool winter coats. Had enough of your winter coat? Then hand it in personally at The Swapshop and pick out a 'new' one. It's super simple: hand in a maximum of 5 items per visit and get swaps (points) in return. With those swaps you get 50% discount on all items hanging at The Swapshop.

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This season, Wolvis launched jackets for the first time. The collection consists of four different knitted bomber jackets, knitted and made entirely in Belgium.Choose the colour combination you like the most!

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At Khipu, you'll find a wonderful range of Fair Trade clothing and lifestyle products from Peru. Moreover, Khipu is recognised by the government as an all-Peruvian shop and they have their own Fair Trade Peru label. So you can be sure that everything in this shop is made ethically and with respect for the community! The winter coats are made from alpaca wool, among other things, they have an elegant and luxurious look.

Shop the brand at Khipu!



At Teym, you will find warm coats that are rain, wind and snow resistant. The winter coats are responsibly made in Lithuania and with luxurious Italian materials. So your coat will last extra long! Moreover, they have a timeless design.

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ByBrown's coats are waterproof and dry quickly. Moreover, the lining keeps you warm. They are made of 28% recycled waste

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