She said yes, congratulations! Now she only has to say yes to a dress as well, and you have to decide on the rings, the shoes, the venue, the guests, the food, the cards, the photographer, … Help?

Getting married means making a lot of choices and COSH! Is here to give you inspiration for your perfect day. Below you can find sustainable options to impress.

The Dress

What is a perfect dress for you? Is it your own ideas turned into reality, or is it supporting other women and a circular economy, or is it maybe a vintage Hollywood wedding dress? Everything is possible at the stores below!

Ma Reine et Moi in Leuven

The founder of Ma Reine et Moi in Leuven designs and makes the perfect bridal or bridesmaid dress for you. Together you create the perfect dress: your ideas and personality together with her craftsmanship and creativity, all tailor-made for your body. A dress cannot get more personalized and tailor-made than this, and a dream cannot come more true than at Ma Reine et Moi.

Suère in Bruges

Do you want to spend the most beautiful day of your life in the most beautiful dress? Then Suère is your perfect match! Here you can co-design your perfect dress: choose the fabric and lace and get the dress that fits you like a glove. Or, choose a dress from the collection and get assisted by a skilled team throughout the whole process from choosing the dress to the final fitting!

Every wedding dress has its matching set of accessories which are sold at Suère so your wedding outfit will be 100% perfect when you walk out the door.

For a qualitative and maybe even tailor-made wedding dress, visit Suère in Bruges!

Petra de Jonge

Petra de Jonge designs conscious luxury women's fashion that suits your personality and body. Besides, she can do a 3D body scan for an optimal fit and create a digital pattern drawing. To then have the clothes custom-made by tailors with an international background in Amsterdam. You can also choose something from the permanent collection in the couture atelier in Amsterdam.

Laura Dols in Amsterdam

Laura Dols specializes in unique vintage clothing, especially from the 50s. A large part of these clothes are vintage wedding dresses and accessories of which some date back from the beginning of the last century. The collection comes from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris and Berlin and is carefully picked by Laura Dols herself. Their specialized seamstresses can also tailor the dress exactly to your likings without losing the vintage glory.

Are you looking for a truly vintage and unique wedding dress? Make sure to visit Laura Dols in Amsterdam West.

Elena de frutos Madrid

Elena de Frutos' atelier is a space dedicated to sustainable haute couture for Brides, Guests, Parties and Events. This business, dedicated to fashion design, has 28 years of experience in the bridal sector, and is part of The Circular Project, a pioneering project in the world of sustainable fashion.

The Ring

Just like the dress and the two of you, the ring should be a perfect match as well. But mining gold and diamonds is very dangerous, unhealthy and unethical. You can read more about it here. So, where to buy fair and ethical rings? Find some places down below!

Anna Rosa Moschouti in Antwerp

Do you want modern, timeless and responsibly made jewelry? Then you need no more than the jewelry of Anna Rosa Moschouti. Both for bridal jewelry, engagement rings and wedding rings you can find what you need.

She makes her jewels out of recycled or fairtrade materials, and all stones are sourced from local suppliers. She also prefers lab-grown diamonds, which is way more sustainable and fair than mined diamonds.

Nico Taeymans in Antwerp

Do you want very unique wedding rings handmade by one of Antwerp’s most famous jewelry designers? Make sure to visit Nico Taeymans, where literally anything is possible. Do you want a golden or silver wedding ring? With or without diamond? Or maybe you even want an imprint of each other's fingerprint or skin structure? No other ring will be as intimate and personal as yours!

Nico Taeymans also makes other bridal jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and tie pins. Everything can be matched for your perfect day!

Nu-e in Antwerp

Are you looking for a ring that reflects ethics, quality and craft(wo)manship? Then Nu-e is your place to be! The settings are 100% handmade by women for women, and they are proud of it! Nu-e is also all about sustainability. For all their jewelry they exclusively use 18K fairmined gold and lab-grown diamonds. “Pure, transparent, and responsible” is how they call it.

Each ring is made in Antwerp and their team has decades of experience working with gemstones.

Do you want a qualitative, ethical and empowering ring? Nu-e is everything you need!

Line Vanden Bogaerde in Ghent

For fair engagement and wedding rings Line Vanden Bogaerde is everything you need! Her atelier is based in Ghent and every single ring is designed and made there. For her bridal pieces she works exclusively with 18K fairmined gold to ensure the ring is 100% ethical and fair. The diamonds that she uses are certified natural diamonds as well.

Do you want an ethical and responsible engagement or wedding ring? Visit Line Vanden Bogaerde’s atelier in Ghent!

Or Service in Eke (close to Ghent)

Or Service’s jewels are usually all about recycling, but for the engagement and wedding rings it is up to you: do you prefer your gold recycled or fairmined? Also for the diamonds it is up to you: do you want lab-grown or certified natural diamonds?

The jewels of Or Service are hand-made by founder Lynn in her atelier in Eke, close to Ghent. Transparency is also key at Or service: Lynn listens to your ideas about your dream ring very well and is very open in her communication. This way, you are 100% sure to get a jewel that is exactly how you wanted and expected it to be.

For the best customer service and sustainable jewelry, visit Or Service!

The Shoes

Moments by Content in Ghent

Moments by Content is the wedding collection of Nele Content, the spirit of shoe label Atelier Content. With Moments by Content she offers modern wedding shoes for stylish brides. Every model is carefully designed so every bride can find the perfect pair! Different heel heights are selected and they offer both open and closed shoes so there is a pair (and more) for every season!

The shoes are elegant, comfortable and timeless, so they can be worn for special occasions after the wedding as well. Moments by Content stands for quality with a Belgian design. The designer personally and carefully selects the materials and the shoes are made in small family ateliers in Italy.

The result of their work? Qualitative, fair and hand-made shoes!

The Bag

Award/t in Mechelen

Your wedding outfit is not complete with the beautiful and unique accessories of Award/T. Mother Wies and daughter Els founded this 100% Belgian brand of qualitative accessories together. You can find made-to-measure hats and unique bags. They are also specialized in wedding accessories. Tell them about your dream accessories and they will make you a tailor-made bag, hat or veil. Like this everything on your wedding will be a perfect match!

Do you want tailormade accessories that represent your personality? Head to Award/t in Mechelen!

The Lingerie

Nothing makes you feel more good in your skin than a good set of lingerie. Therefore, it is important that you wear exactly what you like and need on your day. Something classy, something sexy, or both? You will find exactly what you need with our inspiration.

Ophelia lingerie

Do you want to feel completely confident and good in your skin on your wedding day? Meet Ophelia lingerie. Ophelia lingerie stands for lingerie that is a soft embrace and does not overpower. They believe that lingerie is only a surplus, not a cover-up.

Most of their pieces are handmade by Paulien and Ophelia in their atelier in Antwerp and all fabrics are sourced in Europe. They want their designs to last as long as possible and therefore create the most qualitative yet comfortable pieces.

For your wedding they also create custom lingerie that fits perfectly underneath your wedding dress.

For the most comfortable, confidence-boost and sustainable lingerie, go to Ophelia lingerie!

The Bouquet

Circuit in Antwerp

For the perfect bouquet with bio flowers you can go to Circuit in Antwerp. Circuit is a circular playground for people who want to consume more consciously. There you can find mr. H. Bouquet who provides you with the most beautiful flowers. He always looks for a local and seasonal offer and together with you he looks for the perfect bouquet.

The Groom

Mr. Manchette

Looking for the most stylish yet ecological and fair shirts for the soon-to-be-husband? At Mr. Manchette they are specialized in men’s shirts that are fairly produced. The shirts are made in Portugal by premium shirtmakers and are made from soft materials with no pesticides or chemicals. Everything they do is with attention to upcycling and eco-friendly and natural resources.

In need of a wedding shirt that is ethically made with love? Mr. Manchette is the place to be!

Complete your outfit with a beautiful pair of shoes. At the Belgian brand Lennertson ou will find elegant shoes that will look good under your wedding suit. The leather shoes are of high quality and will last a long time, so you can keep wearing them even after your wedding day. Take a look at their website!

The Bridesmaids

Les Essentiels de Gaëlle

Do you want your bridesmaids to look adorable yet also include a personal touch? Look no further, because Les essentiels de Gaëlle has exactly what you need! They make children’s clothing out of shirts that you do not wear anymore, all from their atelier in Belgium. Your old shirt can become the new dress or shirt of one of your bridesmaids. Like this, your favorite pieces go from closet to closet, get upcycled and become circular.

For unique and personal bridesmaid’s clothing, make sure to visit Les essentiels de Gaëlle!

Do you want to find more sustainable and ethical clothing and jewelry? Go to our shopping guide and create your own sustainable fashion route!

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