Entrepreneurs who are extra committed to a just world during Corona

Fashion entrepreneur Emma Gelaude lists you every month the Greta's of this world who take matters into their own hands. But in times of Corona, when community proves to be so important, we like to put local initiatives in the spotlight.

1. Chefs #feedthenurses with powerfood. With the #feedthenurses initiative, chefs gather to deliver food on a regular basis to various hospitals in their region.

2. Link your business to a good cause via #Action2020
. With #ACTION2020 AGConsult also calls on other companies to reserve part of their time, turnover or margin for charity.

3. Entrepreneurs, see the forest through the trees with #Artes.
Artes is the law firm of former Miss Belgian Nele Somers.
They are committed to answering legal questions free of charge and provide assistance on Corona's business support measures.

4. Laptops wanted for #digital4youth.
Digital4youth is a project to collect used but still suitable laptops from companies and donate them to vulnerable children.

Conscious local shopping with #Coshona

Our Belgian sustainable retailers currently more than need our support. Numerous independent designers and small brands are in danger of disappearing as a result of the Corona crisis. It was already difficult due to online & fast fashion competition, but the compulsory closure of the physical stores is lethal for many.

What can we do? A lot! Support them on social with likes and shares for example, but also make conscious decisions with our own wallet. By spending money at local stores you ensure that these unique labels survive, grow and flourish even after Corona.

COSH (Conscious Shopping), an initiative of Niki De Schryver from Bruges, collects these Belgian sustainable labels and fights for a more fair consumption model in which we consciously shop at local & honest retailers. During Corona, COSH encourages everyone to shop in the online destination of your favourite local store, share your purchase with #Coshona.

This article first appeared on Marie Claire Belgium and was posted here with a Canonicle link indicating the authority of Marie Claire to Google. #CreativeFairPlay

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