Are you looking to get some shopping done in Amsterdam Oost soon? Then consider paying these 8 hotspots in the trendy neighborhood a visit for fair and sustainable fashion. From local second-hand to the finest sustainable brands gathered under one roof, COSH! makes sustainable shopping easy for you. Create a sustainable shopping route with COSH! online and add these fun stores. This way you are guaranteed a successful shopping trip in Amsterdam!

Discover sustainable fashion brands and handpicked vintage

1. The Collection One

If you’re ever looking to include more sustainable brands in your closet or want to browse through a curated assortment of handpicked vintage pieces, then be sure to check out The Collection One! Lisa opened The Collection One store in March 2020, after dreaming about it for years. Her store has a sustainable approach and anyone can step in. Simplicity, sustainability, and uniqueness are the three core values for their timeless and exceptional offerings. This shop has a beautiful slow fashion range in calm neutral tones, so you can build your ideal wardrobe on these key pieces! Be sure to step into this fabulous store the next time you’re in the area!

Support fair trade business models with this store!


If you ever wanted to purchase products but found yourself concerned about the wellbeing of the workers making them, then AANEEN was made for you! This store is located in Amsterdam Oost and all products that are sold here are 100% Fairtrade. The craftspersons receive a fair price and the people and planet are respected while making these products. By shopping here you can be sure that you are contributing to a healthier planet and better working conditions for people around the world. AANEEN has been working for social cohesion in society since 1990, and mainly hires people that cannot easily access the labor market. This allows them to work and train simultaneously. The next time you are on the hunt for fair trade handmade interior items, accessories, or organic tea, be sure to stop by AANEEN.

Go treasure hunting for hidden gems at this second-hand shop

3. De Lokatie

At De Lokatie in Amsterdam East, you will be able to find a nice second-hand outfit, books to read, music to listen to, and even furniture to complete your interior! They sell all three and more at this varied shop. De Lokatie was founded in 1996 with a social objective. It increases the socio-economic opportunities of people with psychiatric or psychosocial conditions by offering them a daytime activity or work experience. If you buy a second-hand outfit here, you extend the life of the clothing and save CO2 emissions. If you have an Amsterdam Stadspas you get 25% off your purchase here or at their other locations in Noord on Distelweg and on Buikslotermeerplein. Discover new hidden treasures at this varied thrift store!

Discover the finest sustainable fashion brands under one roof

4. Het Faire Oosten

Looking for a store that specializes in purposeful brands? Then Het Faire Oosten should definitely be on your “must-see” list! This store only carries products that meet three conditions: they are good for the planet, the maker, and the consumer. Since its inception in 2014, founder Magali has been on a mission: encouraging to live and consume more sustainably and to increase appreciation for craftsmanship. This store is a true treasure chest where you can find anything ranging from men's & womenswear, plants, furniture, cosmetics, essential oils, books, and the list goes on and on! It has grown into a department store with the largest selection of fair fashion in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. This is the perfect place hit up if you ever need to redecorate your home with a sustainable twist!

Find second-hand clothes, bags, and accessories

5. Helly secondhand

If you’re in the market for pre-loved garments in Amsterdam East then be sure to visit Helly! This thrift store has been around for 15 years and has something for all genders. You will find amazing second-hand clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. The owner of the store does an extensive quality check before she puts the clothes in the store, so you can be sure that each garment is in good condition. Helly also allows clients to bring in their own garments (if they are cleaned and ironed beforehand). This system allows the stock to remain varied throughout the year as more people bring in their old clothes. If your items are sold you will receive 40% of the selling price. If the sale price in the store goes below €10, you will receive 30% of the sale price. If you are bringing clothes for the first time, a minimum of 10 pieces are required. Shop for second-hand clothes while making money at Helly!

Preloved quality clothing and sustainable accessories

6. Garment

Why would you buy new when there is already so much beauty to be found? Under this motto, garment sells pre-loved quality clothing and sustainable fashion accessories under this motto. Do you want to visit? Owner Natasja is currently working on a new concept for garment, in which pre-loved clothing will also be given a place. So just a little patience!

Unique blazers made from discarded clothing

7. koda Amsterdam

Looking for a unique, fashionable blazer? At NUTT Amsterdam you will find a unique item made from upcycled discarded clothing. You can also donate your own clothes that you no longer wear, so that it can get a new life!

Please note: because NUTT Amsterdam does not have its own physical store but only a studio, it is smart to make an appointment in advance via the website. Then you can admire and adjust the collection in real life.

Made to measure clothing in Amsterdam

8. Petra de Jonge

Have unique clothing made to measure for you or choose something from the permanent collection in Petra de Jonge's couture studio! Petra de Jonge's luxury women's clothing is fully designed to suit your personality and body. In addition, she can perform a 3D body scan for an optimal fit and create a digital pattern drawing. This way you can be sure that the garment fits perfectly.

Would you like to visit the studio? Then make an appointment via her website.

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