Amsterdam North is the city’s hidden gem, and if you’re in the mood to go on the hunt for some treasure we’ve got 5 sustainable hotspots for you to check out! So make your way to the ferry and cross the river IJ with a fun 5-minute boat ride to embark on your next shopping trip.

Consider paying these 5 hotspots in this neighborhood a visit for a fair and eco-friendly shopping experience. From local second-hand to the finest sustainable brands gathered under one roof, COSH! makes sustainable shopping easy for you. Create a sustainable shopping route with COSH! online and add these fun stores. This way you are guaranteed a successful shopping trip in Amsterdam North!

Colourful second-hand clothes shop, open on Wednesdays

1. De Woensdagwinkel

This store has an interesting concept you might not have encountered before. That’s right, the name says it all: De Woensdagwinkel is only open on Wednesdays. At this store you will be able to look through a wide assortment of beautiful, colourful, second-hand clothes. This store is located in a workspace in Amsterdam-North. Ring the bell and prepare yourself to walk into a colourful haven of bold clothes. De Woensdagwinkel carries clothing for men, women & children. What’s even better is that for every item sold, they donate one euro to charity. A beautiful initiative that allows you to support people in need while you shop!

Shop clothing, gifts, plants, and more at this store!

2. Pek & Kleren

This small department store was founded in the cozy Van Der Pekstraat back in 2015 by Freya and Marike. Both of them designed and built the store themselves! This resulted in the store having a welcoming and cozy atmosphere you can feel as soon as you walk in. Both founders worked in the fashion industry for years before deciding to open a store together. They both really value sustainability and wanted to open their own store to highlight eco-friendly brands for consumers.

At Pek & Kleren you will be able to shop a wide variety of goods from clothing for men & women, shoes, accessories, and even plants! There are tons of options to choose from. Protip: Make sure to check out their second-hand clothing rack as it changes quite regularly. You just might find a hidden gem!

Go treasure hunting for hidden gems at this thrift shop

3. De Lokatie

At De Lokatie in Amsterdam North, you will be able to find a nice second-hand outfit, books to read, music to listen to, and even furniture to complete your interior! In Amsterdam North you’ll find 2 locations of De Lokatie: one at the Distelweg and one at Buikslotermeerplein.

De Lokatie was founded in 1996 with a social objective. It increases the socio-economic opportunities of people with psychiatric or psychosocial conditions by offering them a daytime activity or work experience. If you buy a second-hand outfit here, you extend the life of the clothing and save CO2 emissions. If you have an Amsterdam Stadspas you get 25% off your purchase here or at their other location in Amsterdam-East on the Oosterparkstraat. Discover new hidden treasures at this varied thrift store!

Second-hand children's clothes and eco-friendly brands

4. ROOKIE The RecycleKid

Are you looking for new sustainable clothes for your kids? Are you also interested in second-hand items? If so, then RecycleKid is the perfect store for your little tribe! You'll find a combination of preloved and sustainable, new things for children! Parents who like to shop for sustainable toys and ecological children's clothing can shop here to their heart's content.

Last year the two sisters Christine and Saskia took over the store. Together they make sure that both children and their parents have a great shopping experience! ROOKIE makes sustainability accessible and approachable by offering people a combination of new and second-hand items. Make sure to visit this store the next time you’re in the Van Der Pek neighborhood of Amsterdam North.

High-end & unique luxury clothing made from high-quality fabrics

5. Haruco Vert

Haruco Vert is a clothing studio in Amsterdam North where you can find high quality, luxurious pieces of clothing made from the most unique fabrics. All the pieces are designed by Rutger Prommenschenckel who helps their wearers “Make a statement”. Haruco Vert stands for unique and sustainable fashion that you cannot find elsewhere. The brand has a men’s, gender-neutral, and women’s collection.

This is an atelier/showroom rather than an actual store. As such, we recommend booking an appointment with them via this link. Once you step into their atelier you’ll be able to get a feel for the fabrics and choose a design. Your outfit will then be made to order and be ready within two weeks. Additionally, you can opt for their extra service to make your garment fit to measure, that way you’ll be sure to blow people away when they see you wearing it!

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