Repair, Restyle, Rethink Friday with COSH!

Break the Black Friday tradition in Mechelen together with COSH!

Pointless shopping behaviour has increased dramatically on one "special" day: Black Friday. At the head office of COSH! the team members quickly get goose bumps when they see the huge discounts pouring into their mailbox. One question arises: How can this be sustainable? One answer: not at all. That's why COSH! wants to break through this terrible tradition and supports the COSH! shops in Mechelen to organise the first Repair, Restyle and Rethink Friday.

After Antwerp, Mechelen also joins the COSH!-train. And that with these four shops: Award/t, Pure, Supergoods and Atelier BéBé. They each organise something small to make customers more aware of their consumption behaviour. For example, Award/t will be collecting umbrellas for an upcycling project in which, together with Pilot, they will make a hat out of your old umbrella. For every umbrella you bring in, you get a voucher worth 5 euros. Pure holds a restyle workshop with clothing that customers can bring with them and items from the shop. Supergoods provides a fairtrade cocktail and Atelier BéBé a snack.

The shops will also stay open longer that day and that until 8 pm. And you know what makes the whole thing even more fun? The COSH!-team is present at every workshop! So if you have any questions about COSH! or would like to meet our team? Be sure to come to Mechelen on November 29th!

See you there!

ps not only the Mechelen COSH!-retailers are celebrating, shops such as Edo Collective, PLAY and Anna Rosa Moschouti have also planned something fun! Want to know what? Then be sure to follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook!