As a traveler, lower your impact with Greentripper!

Out of all the industries, the transport industry weighs the heaviest on the climate. CO2logic helps you do your bit even when you’re travelling by reducing your CO2 footprint. Ever heard of Greentripper? Greentripper calculates and offsets your CO2 emissions from your trip. Got a staycation, road trip or plane trip planned for this summer? Greentripper can help take away some of your flight shame.

How are the CO2 emissions of your trip offset?

By means of a financial contribution to a sustainable initiative in a developing country, your CO2 emissions are offset. How does this work? Your contribution will avoid the same amount of CO2 from being emitted than you emitted on your trip. The benefit to the planet is the same at the end of the day whether a tonne of CO2 is saved in your country or across the world.

The sustainable initiatives that Greentripper cooperates with are certified by the highest standards, such as Gold Standard, that guarantee the highest quality and transparency so that your contribution is really making a positive impact. In addition to fighting climate change, the projects also contribute to other sustainable development objectives. Greentripper is verified by Forum Ethibel, an independent auditor, and by Vinçotte.

Greentripper works with CO2logic, a leading climate advisory organisation that has 10 years of experience in the field of international climate advice and project development. CO2logic leads and develops climate projects in collaboration with local NGOs in Uganda, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Togo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Which Greentripper climate project would you support?

It’s so much more fun when you know where your money is going!

Which climate project would you choose?

  1. Fighting deforestation in Ghana with cookstoves? How does that work? Well, 95% of the local population uses wood or wood-based charcoal for cooking meaning many trees are cut down every year. Developing and distributing more efficient stoves allows the local population to use a lot less wood. The stoves are also safer and healthier because they emit less smoke.
  2. Stopping deforestation in Uganda by digging wells? Finding clean drinking water is a challenge in Uganda. In order to purify water, the locals cut wood and use it to boil water. Greentripper’s project provides wells and then the borehole technology needed to repair and maintain these wells so that residents can have easy access to drinking water. This project means fewer trees are felled, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted AND the population has quick access to clean drinking water.

Do your bit!

Be a responsible traveller and start offsetting your CO2 emissions from this summer onwards!