Do you want to acquire more about bio-based materials for Fashion & Textiles? And push the industry forward together with experts in the field? Then the 3rd Bio-Based Materials for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Summit is a must-visit!

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Material and bio-based innovators for the sustainable fashion and apparel industry unite at this summit from April 18-20 in London, UK. Top industry speakers include Aaron Amstutz from Natural Fiber Welding, Enrica Arena from Orange Fiber, Catherine Roggero-Lovisi from Modern Meadow, Shahriare Mahmood from Spinnova, Andrew Yip from Pangaia, Christopher Bocquet from Chloe, Luxury Fashion brands and more. View the full speaker list here

What makes these materials so important

Bio-based materials are derived from biological sources such as plants, animals, microorganisms, and their by-products. They are used to create a wide range of products, including building materials, textiles, packaging, and personal care items. Some examples include cellulose from trees, bioplastics from corn starch or sugarcane, and natural fibres such as cotton or wool.

One of the key benefits of bio-based materials is their sustainability. Unlike fossil-fuel based materials, bio-based materials are sought to be more renewable, biodegradable, and often have a smaller carbon footprint. You might think, aren't they always biodegradable? But bio-based materials are derived from renewable biological materials, which doesn't mean they're fully made of those. Besides, they can also provide economic benefits by creating new markets for agricultural products and supporting rural development.

New wave of alternative materials that shape a more sustainable fashion industry

Bio-based materials have struggled with the need for economies of scale, sustainable raw materials, and consumer demand in the past years. Now it’s rapidly shifting, as high-profile bio-based material applications are reviving the market, from Renewcell and Zara to Mylo and Stella McCartney. The growing potential is definitely there: the influx of investment and European bio-based industry is currently valued at €700 billion.

However, the fear of greenwashing allegations, the unestablished ‘bio-based’ glossary, and the scale-up enigma are the main challenges the fashion and textile industry must overcome in 2023.

How do we face them? The industry-led meeting, which is the Bio-Based Materials for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Summit, is a forum of three days to discuss the latest advancements in material science and sustainable product growth. These innovations are powering the new wave of alternative materials and shaping a more sustainable fashion industry.

What to expect at the summit

Join sustainability leaders from brands, biomaterial companies, investors, and manufacturers to form partnerships and successfully harness the commercialization of eco-based materials. Footwear and Accessories Material Developer, Rothy’s on the 2022 edition: “It was wonderful to learn from, network with, and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals and get an in-depth overview of the alternative and bio-based materials space.”

The summit will continue to catalyse durable and scalable technologies, educate on customer perception, measure environmental impact, and define first-class, next-generation bio-based materials.

Topics on the agenda, include how to:

  • Promote ‘bio-material’ as a selling feature and re-direct customer awareness with ModernSynthesis
  • Fast-forward traceability and transparency of sustainable bio-based apparel supply chains with Chloe and Luxury Fashion Brands
  • Determine biosynthetic recycling options taking into consideration the material’s physical characteristics and the available infrastructure with Bestseller
  • Synchronise apparel & textile industry timelines to enable investment and serve the industry at scale with Kvadart
  • Scale chemical recycling to push for a circular, sustainable vision with Spinnova, Accelerating Circularity, and Infinited Fiber Company
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Practical information

The Bio-Based Materials for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Summit will bring together start-ups, the fashion and apparel industry, bio-based innovators, and cross-industry sustainable advocates. They’ll uncover bio-based materials' impact. But also performance, and customer perception to commercialize a next-gen product with scalability, biodegradability, and circularity in mind.

Dates: 18-20 April 2023

Place: London Marriott Hotel, Canary Wharf

Tickets: Early bird and team discounts are available!

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P.s.: Not in the position to visit the summit? Stay tuned for COSH!’s retrospective blog and discover the highlights of the Bio-Based Materials for Sustainable Fashion & Textiles Summit of 2023.

Images: © Hanson Wade