Are you still looking for an original and sustainable Mother’s Day present? COSH! collected all types of sustainable gift tips for Mother’s Day. On our list you can find different ecological, environmentally-friendly and sustainable Mother’s Day ideas. This way you can find the perfect present for your mom in no-time! All these presents are available at the local and sustainable shops in Belgium and The Netherlands connected to COSH!. Do not only make your mother but also local entrepreneurs happy with your gift from a local store!

1. A yoga mat made from cork

Does your mom have a sporty lifestyle? Make sure to take a look at Addict Store in Antwerp and Wilrijk.There you can find among others yoga mats from Pierre Sports and sport’s clothes from the Belgian sport’s brand Recto Verso.

Also at Restrived in Kampenhout you can discover yoga mats made from cork and sport’s clothing from European brands.

2. A creative workshop

Do you want to give your mom a real sustainable gift this year? How about an experience gift? On June 4th, Anne Drake is hosting a lovely workshop to make your own body and hair care products at Zonnehoed in Zwalm. Experience a fun afternoon with your mom and go home with your own creations that you will be able to enjoy for a long time! You can sign up until May 23rd via this link.

Do you want to find more sustainable workshops you can enjoy with your mom in Belgium and The Netherlands? Read our Mother’s Day Workshop and Experience Gifts blog for Belgium here.

3. Beautiful necklace made of mother-of-pearl

Do you want to surprise your mother with a unique gift this year? Then the jewels from designer from Ghent Line Vanden Bogaerde is exactly what you need. Above that, you get a 10% discount on all silver jewels with Mother-Of-Pear, especially for Mother’s Day. Mother-of-Pearl is a pearl that brings protection and inner peace. We bet that your mom will cherish this gift for a very long time! Discover more about the Mother’s Day action from Line Vanden Bogaerde here.

For more inspiration on sustainable jewelry, click here.

4. A fashionable scarf

Bring more colour to the spring closet of your mother with the colourful scarfs of Wolvis. The collection of the Wolvis spring scarfs is produced in Belgium and made from 100% cotton. Are you going for grass green, golden hour yellow or sunset orange? We are sure that your mom will completely brighten up with these beautiful and luxurious Wolvis scarves.

Discover the Wolvis salespoints here

5. Sustainable herb set made from upcycled glass

Is your mom often found cooking in the kitchen? Then the PILO seasoning pot from IWAS is definitely the perfect choice. This pot, made from a completely upcycled glass bottle, is perfect for herbs or flowers. The herb pot will for sure become the sustainable eyecatcher in your mother’s kitchen.

Read more about IWAS

6. Set of essential oils

Gift your mom a zen moment with this relaxing scent box available at Teint Teint in Antwerp. In this box you can find a mix of spicy, smokey and flowery scents in a beautiful box made from pine wood. The oils can be used while taking a bath or in an aroma diffuser.

Do you want to make your mother happy with a pampering gift like a lovely scrub, a new lipstick or a caring face mask? Then make sure to visit the brand new store Teint Teint in Antwerp. Discover beautiful and natural care products and animaltesting-free cosmetics.

7. Natural care products from Cîme

Do you already know skincare and cosmetics brand Cîme? This Belgian brand makes natural skincare products and cosmetics of Himalayan superfoods from Nepal. Does your mom love to treat her skin with natural care products? Then the colourful gift sets of Cîme are the perfect sustainable Mother’s Day gift! You can find the products of Cîme at several COSH! Stores in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Discover the sales points here!

8. Handmade silver rings

At Belgian slow fashion label Ida & Volta you can now find also beautiful rings and necklaces made from 100% recycled eco silver next to their timeless clothing. The rings are handmade in Portugal by Little Nomad Jewellery.

Do you want to discover slow fashion in Ghent together with your mom and find an outfit from natural materials? Then you can make an appointment online to visit the atelier of Ida & Volta.

9. Gift set full of eco goodies

At Løv | Elly you can find fun and sustainable Mother’s Day gift sets full of different types of goodies. Among other things, you will discover trendy ceramic soap dishes, Belgian luxurious skincare products and bathing products for the ultimate zen moment! Compose your own box or select one of the composed-for-you boxes! Discover the Mother's Day gift sets here.

10. Upcycled accessories from Brussels

Do you like to rummage among several sustainable gifts in a cosy gift shop, looking for the perfect Moteher’s Day gift? Then Orybany in Brussels is a must-visit. There you will discover among other things the Brussels-based brand Kinju, which makes clothing, accessories and jewelry from residues. Kingju donates 5% of the sales to foundation Fournier Majoie, which is a foundation that supports patients recovering from breast cancer and does research for the fight against breast cancer.

11. Natural mascara

Is your mother a fan of natural make-up and skincare? Then we recommend Druantia in Lier. This store has been in the limelight for years when it comes to natural care products. Discover a big assortment of natural products and fun gift sets. Surprise your mom with a plant-based mascara, a nutrient serum for her skin or a wonder cream! Are you unsure which sustainable Mother’s Day present fits your mom best or are you looking for something specific? At Druantia you will get advice from professionals and find exactly what you need in no-time!

12. een ecologische geurkaars

12. een ecologische geurkaars

Does your mom love a cosy and homely atmosphere? Then you can never go wrong with a delightsome scented candle. Did you know that not all candles are as environmentally friendly and healthy? A lot of candles are made from paraffin, which originates from petroleum and spreads harmful substances in your house while burning. So, are you looking for an ecological alternative? Take a look at our tips for ecological candles and discover where you can buy candles made from beeswax, rapeseed oil and soy wax!

Like this, you can find beautiful scented candles made from soy wax at KIEZ in Antwerp!

13. A qualitative handbag

Are you looking for a gift that your mother will cherish for a long time? Then a qualitative handbag is a good idea! At Sofie Darche you can find timeless, leather hand bags and accessories. All pieces are made from Italian leather and are conform to strict, European legislations. Do you want to get to know the look and feel of the products in real life? Make an appointment at the atelier of Sofie in Antwerp!

Do you want to discover more leather handbags? Click here!

14. Organic Lemon Poppy Tea set

Is your mother a real tea-lover? Then the biological herb tea of Lemmon Poppy Tea is a true recommendation! In the ‘Discovery set’ you can find classical tea from the mountains in Albania that you can combine with, salie, thyme, wild marjolein and roses. The tea is 100% organic and cafeine-free. Are you curious about the tastes? The Discovery Set is available in the beautiful store The Collection One in Amsterdam.

15. Timeless scarf of alpaca wool

At Amsterdam slow fashion label Bufandy you can find qualitative and timeless accessories made of alpaca wool. The Scarfs and hats are made in a fair way by local ateliers in Ecudaor of alpaca wool from Peru. By a two-sided partnership Bufandy supports local craftsmen and together they create a sustainable sustainable product.

You can find the products of Bufandy at diverse COSH! Shops throughout The Netherlands and Belgium, likeBrandmission,The Maker Store,Pek & Kleren (Amsterdam),Duka Moodstore (Brugge) andTenue Préférée (Leuven).

16. Colourful grocery shopping bag

The Dutch handbag label Susan Bijl fights against the plastic shopping bag. As an alternative, they offer colourful and environmentally friendly bags, made from recycled materials. The brightening grocery bags are very light and can carry up to 20 kilograms: perfect to always take with you or for the (heavier) groceries!

You can find the bags of Susan Bijl at several COSH! Stores in The Netherlands and Belgium, like

Het Faire Oosten (Amsterdam) and Moose in the City (Antwerp).

17. Natural skincare set

Give your mom a natural skincare set of The Green Labels. In this set you can find reuasable make-up removal pads, an exfoliant koniac sponge, a 100% natural cream, facial soap and a cleansing cream. A lovely self-care set your mom which makes that your mother can take care of herself in a sustainable way!

18. Too much choice? Give a COSH! Gift Card

Are you not able to choose out of all the tips above? Then maybe the COSH! Gift card is the perfect sustainable Mother’s Day present. With the COSH! Gift card you can shop at several stores in Belgium that are connected to COSH! This way your mom can choose herself between a lovely offer of shops that sell sustainable fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics. Curious? Discover here where you can use this gift card.

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