COSH! op Maison Slash


Every month, slashparent Leen from our own Maison Slash pond goes in search of easy ways to live a greener life with children. This month: buy sustainable clothing... for yourself! Yes, can I? After all, this shouldn't always be about children, should it?

I don't know about you, but I've been buying a lot less clothes since I had a child. It would be very cool if I could say that it was for ecological reasons (#consuming children), but honestly? There's just a lot less time. And less budget. But if I need something, I want it to be a sustainable item. Especially since I have a child. That's not going to happen at all, because who has time to look up where you can shop sustainably while a child: 'But I want a biscuit NOW' is honking in your ear? Don't worry, slashparents! We found out for you where you can go offline (because we want to try that on, those free returns by post are really not ecological) and not too expensive (because hello, children)!

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Sustainability is more expensive. That's just the way it is. You will get an item that lasts a long time and is more timeless than a super trendy piece that you buy in the well known chains and that is then quickly relegated to the deepest caverns of your wardrobe. But good news: sustainable shopping is also possible when you have to pay attention to your budget. And there's even a website for that.

And that website is brand new and is called COSH! It was made for conscious offline shoppers who want to know where in their neighbourhood they can buy sustainable clothing. You give your style, location and budget (hurrah!), the site will map out a shopping route for you. Super handy, right? COSH! is currently giving you suggestions for Antwerp, Leuven, Mechelen and Ghent. The makers hope to expand this in 2020.

Article by Leen Van Severen