Here’s a list of brands that sell Tencel clothing

Lyocell is a semi-synthetic fibre made from wood pulp/ cellulose that is proving to be an alternative for a more sustainable fashion. Lyocell is sturdy, absorbent and hypoallergenic. Odours also have a hard time clinging to it meaning you can wash your clothes less often, which is better for the environment. If you want to learn even more about this fibre, be sure to read our previous blogs: “Is Lyocell an eco-friendly solution for the fashion industry?” & “What certification indicates sustainable forest management for lyocell?

Brands using Tencel & lyocell and where to find them

Marble Berriez

Are you looking for a sustainable dress with a colourful print? Then you've come to the right place at Marble Berriez. This sustainable Dutch clothing brand makes dresses from Tencel for women and girls who love cheerful patterns!

All Marble Berriez garments are 100% Tencel and produced in The Netherlands. This ensures ethical working conditions and keeps the ecological footprint as low as possible. You can find these dresses at the brands’ store in Rotterdam

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Le Nap

Looking for beautiful, sustainable pyjamas to lounge and sleep in? Then meet Le Nap. This Dutch nightwear brand was founded 2 years ago and produces playfully designed, comfortable pyjamas made of sustainable materials: Tencel, lyocell and Ecovero viscose.

Lyocell has a light colour by nature, which means it does not need to be decolorized with chemicals first. Moreover, the production of lyocell requires little water. All this ensures that Tencel lyocell is a very environmentally friendly fabric! You can purchase this comfortable nightwear at thegreenlabels, The Lingerist, or the brands’ own flagship store, all in Amsterdam

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Wearable Stories

Wearable Stories is a feminine and elegant Belgian brand that focuses on confident and courageous women who want to inspire others with their own wearable story.

The brand uses a mix of both natural and artificial fibres in their collections. One of those fibres in question is Tencel, let us show you items that actually contain it! The bulk of their Tencel can be found in some of their denim pieces such as the Gloria, Roma, and Lisa denim dresses and a few shirts. You can shop these pieces at Tenue Préférée in Leuven, Rand in Mortsel or Mais Oui Brugge in Bruges

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Organic Basics

A few months ago we wrote a blog highlighting some sustainable lingerie brands to get you in the mood for valentines day. And we wanted one of them again here today.

The name Organic Basics says it all: this Danish brand produces high-quality, basic underwear for men and women. The bras and panties are made of either organic cotton that is GOTS certified or Tencel. All products are made in Turkey under good working conditions. Shop the brand at Harvest Club in Leuven, KIEZ or Moose in the City in Antwerp, or at Supergoods in Ghent, Mechelen and Antwerp.

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Alchemist is a high-end fashion brand with sustainability embedded into their DNA. They aim to combine luxury fashion with a sustainable lifestyle as they believe that those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. And we think they’re right!

They have tons of Tencel items in their collection that you don’t want to miss! For example the Carrie blazers, Erzsi jumpsuits, and Sileas tops all come in a variety of different colours for you to pick from. You can find this brand and their clothing at Harvest Club in Leuven, Rand in Mortsel, Freedom in Aalst and Dendermonde, or at Het Faire Oosten, WhatTheF, Tally-Ho, and Brandmission in Amsterdam

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Froy & Dind

Bring cheer into your life with these fun colour combinations from Froy & Dind! A clothing brand with a passion for nature and life.

This brand offers shirts that are almost made entirely out of Tencel (95% Tencel 5% Elastane). There are a wide variety of cuts and fits ranging from if you’re looking for a classic basic shirt with the Ada and Lina models, or a more standout piece with the Joni and Emilia models. They also have a Tencel skirt model called Manon. You can shop this brand at Anders Getint in Leuven / via their webshop, or at Supergoods in Antwerp, Ghent, or Mechelen

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Founded in Cologne in 2007 by two friends, Armedangels produces and sells clothing that meets the highest ethical and ecological standards. With its cutting-edge designs, Armedangels aims to change the image of sustainable clothing from boring, old-fashioned and hippie-like to funky, chic streetwear. Amazing!

This brand carries a couple of Tencel pieces in their collection. Ladies, if you’re looking for a pair of chic cropped pants, have a look at Timeaa pants available in three different colours. Men, you can experience next-level comfort with the Ricaard Tencel boxer briefs. Everyone can also look great in ARMEDANGELS Kosmaa black shirt.

You can shop the brand at Supergoods in Mechelen, Antwerp, and Gent. Gare de Robe in Bruges, Freedom in Aalst and Dendermonde. Host and Moose in the City in Antwerp. Rand and César Menswear in Mortsel and Brooklyn in Ostend. They are also available at Het Faire Oosten, thegreenlabels, Brandmission, Pek & Kleren, and Tally in Amsterdam.

Ragnarøk Clothing

If you are looking for the perfect basic t-shirt, then Ragnarøk is definitely the right spot for you! Ragnarøk is truly a slow fashion brand, the shirts are made-to-order and customers are only allowed to purchase two shirts from them and have to get in contact with the brand to order more. This is in a bid to combat overconsumption.

These shirts are 100% Tencel and they range from XS to XL but are looking to add XXS & XXL to their collection. They currently are available in black and white and sometimes with added pockets on the chest that are made of cork. The materials, Tencel and cork, are sourced from the European Union making this a local supply chain! You can shop Ragnarøk Clothing by placing an order on their webshop, the wait time will take around two weeks.

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RE|claimed Tee

Are you in the market for a local, circular t-shirt? Just as the name suggests, RE|claimed's women's t-shirts are made from 'reclaimed' or recycled and biodegradable materials. The story of RE|claimed is 100% European!

Even more impressive is the fact that they use Refibra to make those pieces. Refibra is a combination of 30% cotton waste and 70% sustainable wood pulp from Tencel which you can learn more about via this blog. That combined with natural dyes from indigo, avocado, and gall apple, among others, makes the t-shirts 100% natural and biodegradable, except for the labels and yarn, which are made from recycled polyester. The t-shirts are entirely made and dyed Amsterdam, where the brand originates from. You can find this brand via their own webshop or at Het Faire Oosten and The Collection One in Amsterdam.

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Kings of Indigo

Denim made without guilt, how amazing does that sound? That’s what Dutch brand Kings of Indigo was founded to do. Created in 2011 by Tony Tonnaer, he wanted to develop jeans that were ethical, sustainable and of high quality at the same time. And he succeeded, as they are now one of the leading sustainable jeans brands in Europe!

Kings of Indigo has plenty of Tencel items you will definitely have a lot of choice at this brand! If you’re aiming for a lighter summer look, check out the Louise playsuit or the Sebastia dress. However, KOI’s bread and butter and where they really shine are their jeans. There are quite a few Tencel models but you can already have a look at the Juno, John, Indira, and Kong models. You can shop this brand at Harvest Club in Leuven, Moose in the City in Antwerp, or at Supergoods in Ghent, Mechelen and Antwerp.

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