9 december 2018 - De Zondag

Local Fashion in the spotlight

Kortrijk - Julie Lietaer of ESG Group, Niki de Schryver and Piet Verhoeve of Hangar K organise the very first edition of FaKtory Infini, a new event that highlights sustainable and local textiles, fashion and lifestyle. In Hangar K on the Nelson Mandelaplein, from 10 am to 6 pm, the visitor is encouraged to think about the textile and fashion industry of the future through workshops, panel discussions and other activities. At the same time you can support the local economy and industry by buying sustainable textiles, fashion and lifestyle products. One of the guests is Evy Gruyaert at 10 am (Sunday) she will have a yoga session and at 1 pm she will give a lecture about sleeping comfort together with Stijn Haerens. www.faktoryinfini.be

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