As of Friday, 22 April, Amsterdam is home to the Netherlands’ first sustainable shopping map by Belgian online platform COSH! The physical shopping map was created in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam and will inspire you with no less than 100 sustainable shopping hotspots spread across the city’s various districts. This way, COSH! wants to make local and sustainable shopping easy and accessible in Amsterdam.

Festive launch during Fashion Revolution Week

The fact that the shopping map launched during Fashion Revolution Week is not a coincidence. During this annual campaign, several fashion activists take action to create awareness surrounding ethical and ecological issues in the fashion industry.

"The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and is also built on the exploitation of labour. For example, an estimated 80,000 Uyghurs forcibly work in fashion factories in China, and the retail chain Zara (which exploits their labour) launches a new collection every 14 days, 40% of which will not even be worn. These are just a few examples of the endless list of industry problems, " says Niki de Schryver, founder of COSH!.

Sustainable shopping is too difficult or expensive? COSH! proves otherwise

The Amsterdam Shopping Map provides shoppers with a low-threshold introduction to the surprising range of sustainable and circular fashion available in the city. The range of shops is a nice mix of circular upcycling designers, fair fashion stores, vintage and second-hand shopping addresses for women, men, and children. We offer a sustainable alternative within everyone's style and budget," says Niki de Schryver, founder of COSH! Discover the range of shops in Amsterdam also available online.

Repair and Re-love

Repairing clothes is also an essential factor for sustainability. The most sustainable garment is the one that's already in your closet. That's why you'll find not only shopping addresses, but also 30 clothing repair services in Amsterdam on the COSH! Amsterdam residents with a Stadspas (city pass) also receive a 30% discount.

Amsterdam: the pioneering city of circular fashion

"For the Municipality, we think it's important to make the circular as accessible as possible, so that people with smaller budgets can participate in it too. That's why beautiful second-hand boutiques and giveaway shops are also on the sustainable shopping map of COSH! in Amsterdam", said alderman Marieke van Doorninck.

Discover the sustainable menu of Amsterdam shops

You can scan a QR code for each of the four city districts on the map, which leads to the online platform Here you can read more about the shops you will find there and dive deeper into the sustainable offerings of each district. COSH has a unique methodology that also examines the brands in the shops.

You will also be able to recognize the shops on the map in the street thanks to the circular window stickers with QR a code. You can also scan these to read more about the sustainable focus of that shop.

Curious about the sustainable options on the map? You can pick up a COSH! shopping map free of charge at any of the participating shops on the map, the Iamsterdam shop at Amsterdam Central Station, and at various hotels in the sustainable textile leaders' group, such as the Meininger in West, Hard Rock Hotel in the city center, as well as Meininger Amstel and the Jakarta Hotel in the eastern part of the city.

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