'Society is putting the emphasis on characteristics that make us feel insecure, so that we continue to buy clothes that we don't really need at all in the hope that we will feel better.'

Creating a personal and sustainable clothing style is not something you do every day and for some this is much more important than for others. Although it may not seem equally important for everyone, you can see the search for your own clothing style in a much broader perspective. Creating a personal clothing style can lead to a much more conscious and ultimately sustainable and meaningful life. So you can see it as a beautiful journey and a very fascinating process. If you want to show yourself to the outside world in an authentic way, it is important that you first take a good look inside. Creating your own clothing style means discovering your identity, really getting to know yourself and feeling the power to express it. If you have your own style of clothing, you are free. Free of labels and no longer sensitive to the influence of social standards, trends or tempting sales. That sounds good, doesn't it?

Chiara: 'Ask yourself, what is my favorite outfit and why is this my favorite outfit?

How do you start this journey of self-discovery?

This I wanted to ask one of the biggest names in the field of styling and sustainability. To the VPRO Future Fashion Pioneer and style coach - Chiara Sprout of Indiaan In Je Kast - seen in Jan Magazine, Het Parool and De Volkskrant, this woman is your expert. Chiara was born in Colombia and grew up in the Netherlands with her parents. "My mother is a tall, slender and blond woman, so she's the exact opposite of me."

This big difference in appearance compared to her mother, brought up a lot of questions in her youth and formed the roots of Chiara's search for her own identity and way to express it. This search for clothes that matched her personality and figure, brought her to the boys or adult women's department time and again. She decided not to see this as a limitation but as an opportunity to be creative and to make all kinds of new clothing combinations. For Chiara there were no limits and she took both men's clothing and oversized adult women's clothing and combined it into her own surprising style. Over the years, this no-frontier mentality grew into her mission and she has already shown more than 1000 women that anything is possible through her lectures and closet sessions.

Chiara: "Society places so much emphasis on the qualities we feel insecure about, that we keep on buying clothes that we don't really fit in at all in the hope that we will feel better. I want to stop this destructive way of thinking. We need to return to our own strength, to love ourselves so that we can feel confident again. When you love yourself, you can love other people and your environment, our mother earth."

By creating a personal and sustainable clothing style you start to develop self-knowledge and self-confidence. Next step? Showtime! Or how Chiara likes to say it: 'Owning it! Showing your strengths. It is her passion to translate someone's strengths into colours, materials and ideal fits. If you want to work on this yourself, she will give you the following tip:

Chiara: "Ask yourself, what is your favourite outfit and why is this your favourite outfit? Is it because of the colour? Or is it all about the story? Is it the way it moves or because others say it suits you?"

These answers will give you more clarity about your wardrobe and why you buy certain clothes and whether or not to wear them. The golden tip from our expert?

"To get an idea of what really suits your more personal and sustainable wardrobe, you can ask yourself: with which parts of myself am I most happy and with which clothes can I best emphasize these parts?"

Check out her website here.