Fashion Tech Works

Uniting Fashion Tech pioneers from Europe

COSH was selected as one of 24 Fashion Tech start-ups from Europe to join The Fashion Tech Works program by United Fashion!

We pitched to an international jury, brainstormed on how to solve the industry and closed new valuable partnerships for COSH 👉

Thank you Ann Claes, Jasmien Wynants, Pascal Cools, Evelyn Mora, Laurenti Arnault and Claudia Hofmann, hashtag#ethicalfashion

I am super excited about the outcome! See you in Berlin?

Images by © Juan Wyns

Flanders DC on Fashion Tech Works

Quote by Evelyn Mora - Founder Sustainble Helsinki Fashion Week

Moderator Evelyn Mora, who founded the sustainable Helsinki Fashion Week and works as a consultant for Tesla and the European Space Agency, among other organizations, thinks the key question is: how to balance business and sustainability? Servitization holds the answer, she believes. “We don’t need more products. We need to focus on the real, big issues and develop services that cater to these needs. There’s a demand for that, both in B2B and B2C markets.” COSH! understood that perfectly. The Belgian platform helps customers who can’t see the wood for the trees, guiding them towards sustainable shops. Using numerous filters, you can plot your personalized shopping route with COSH!.

Full Article by Flanders DC

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