COSH! brings the fashion sector together with an event on textile legislation and current themes such as upcycling and inclusion.

The fashion industry is at a turning point. A circular economy is on the rise and the importance of diversity and inclusion increases. Via the Fashion Community Night, COSH! brings the sustainable fashion sector together during the Fashion Revolution Week.

On Thursday, April the 22nd COSH! organizes In collaboration with Schone Kleren Campagne, Fairtrade Belgium, Creamoda and Mode Unie; an inspiring evening with 8 experts from different parts of the fashion industry and 7 emerging circular designers. The event gives brands, retailers and sustainable fashion enthusiasts knowledge about chain care, new trends and inclusion.

To make the fashion industry resilient to future challenges, it is crucial to embrace circularity and diversity, says founder Niki de Schryver. We are very proud that we can let voices from different corners speak with this event.

The planning for the evening


Unfortunately, due to COVID we can not offer you a drink, but feel free to crack a bottle of your favourite beverage to enjoy this evening even more!


How can we make the production chain more sustainable? (Panel 1: EN)

Legislation and policy are crucial to make global production chains more sustainable. In the first panel, which will be held in English, we will talk to Sara Ceustermans (Clean Clothes Campaign), Bruno Van Steenberghe (Kalani), Jo Van Landeghem (Creamoda) and Koen Van Troos (Fairtrade Belgium). These experts will take you through the policy-making and regulations at the European and federal level. You will learn more about the Due Diligence laws, the Fairtrade system and how companies can be held accountable for their actions. Transparency and traceability are also discussed. Together with these four speakers, COSH takes a close look at the entire chain.

Nieuwe uitdagingen: PR, inclusie en wat na corona? (Panel 2: NL)
De toekomst van de mode-industrie is circulair en inclusief, aldus Niki de Schryver. In het tweede panel licht zij toe waarom een circulaire economie zo belangrijk is. Ook benadrukt ze waarom de sector naast duurzaamheid, ook diversiteit moet omarmen. De duurzame modesector is vandaag nog grotendeel wit, hoog tijd dat hier verandering in komt.

Om meer te weten te komen over de nieuwe trends nodigt COSH! PR-experte Ikram Annouri uit. Aansluitend licht onderzoeker Dounia Bourabain haar onderzoek naar subtiele discriminatie in de Belgische retail sector toe. We leren zo handige inzichten rond subtiele discriminatie in de mode-industrie met actie-gerichte tips voor een meer holistische verkoopaanpak. Het gesprek wordt afgesloten door Aurélie van de Peer (onderzoeker UGent) die je de toekomst van de mode-industrie na corona schetst. Dankzij deze 4 experten heb je naast nieuwe inzichten ook een blik op de toekomst meegekregen.

New challenges: PR, inclusion and what after corona? (Panel 2: NL)

The future of the fashion industry is circular and inclusive, according to Niki de Schryver. In the second panel, she explains why a circular economy is so important. She also stresses why the sector should embrace diversity next to sustainability. Today, the sustainable fashion sector is still largely white, it is high time this changed.

To learn more about the new trends, COSH! PR-expert Ikram Annouri. Subsequently, researcher Dounia Bourabain will explain her research on subtle discrimination in the Belgian retail sector. We learn useful insights on subtle discrimination in the fashion industry with action-oriented tips for a more holistic sales approach. The discussion will be closed by Aurélie van de Peer (researcher UGent) who will outline the future of the fashion industry after Corona. Thanks to these 4 experts, you will not only have new insights, but also a view on the future.


Discover emerging fashion talent

After the talks, you can get to know upcoming circular designers via 'It's Showtime'. They all worked with upcycled materials, which makes their collections more sustainable by using fewer raw materials. For an earlier project, COSH calculated that upcycling can save up to 90% in CO2 emissions. An enormous win for the environment. The seven inspiring entrepreneurs of 'It's Showtime' are happy to share their stories and collections with you.


Networking moment

Through Conversation Starter, participants can network online with designers, retailers, and other key players in the sustainable fashion landscape. This allows participants to expand their network from home. Conversation Starter is limited to 100 people and free for (brands/shops/producers) members of the organizing partners, others can participate through a free contribution.

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