Dear Santa

Here at COSH! headquarters we are patiently counting down the days till Christmas Eve. The cozy atmosphere, the nice smell of cinnamon and the happy reunion of family and/ or friends is what it is all about for us. Handing out gifts is of course associated with this, but what people do not immediately think about is how sustainable their gift is. That's why we each drew up our own eco christmas wishlist to make our unwrapping time a lot more environmentally friendly.


What I want most for Christmas is time with my daughter and therefore I would like to follow the workshop of House Raccoon in Fonetik with her for Christmas. On January 9th you will learn how to make your own terrazzo coasters. But what I like even more, is that for every participant who registers House Raccoon plants a tree. I am happy to support such initiatives!

Skin care is very important to me. I want to look good, but in a natural way. And nothing better than the products of Rain Pharma. Even though I already have a few of their products on my shelf, I would still like to try out others. Especially when they come from Clothilde in Aalst!


During a visit to the new shop of Studio AMA I immediately fell in love with the yellow jacket from Soraya's collection. Also the whole upcycling concept appeals to me a lot and it would be a real asset to my wardrobe.

For the cold winter months following Christmas day, a warm sweater comes in handy. Because I love geometric shapes and graphic design, I chose the velvet sweater by Abelone Wilhelmsen. It is super soft, made in Belgium and available at the nice designer collective EDO Collective.


If there's one thing I feel most beautiful and sexy in, it's comfortable lingerie. Ophelia's is therefore my number one on my wish list. The fact that they are made to last and are designed to embrace the female body gives me butterflies in my stomach.

I am a big fan of rings. I have no less than 5 on both hands and for me there is always room for one more. Anna Rosa Moschouti's jewellery is so timeless and fits everything. But I totally fell for her limited edition pearl ring. It exudes elegance and romance, and would fit perfectly with my other rings. Also, the fact that the ring was designed by such a talent and is handmade, only convinces me even more.

But, dear Santa Claus, if all three of us were honest, we would be happy to trade in these gifts for a world with less pollution, violence and intolerance. For that is much more important to us at COSH! than things!

Merry Christmas from the COSH!-team,

Niki, Danique and Morrigan


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