In order to meet the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, all industries need to reduce their CO2 emissions by 2050. This is the only way to keep our planet healthy. Companies can count on CO2logic to help them become CO2-neutral. They develop sustainable action plans and CO2-offsetting schemes to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. With CO2logic, you can keep on growing as a company while contributing to a healthier economy.

How does CO2logic help your company?

CO2logic’s priority is to reduce the environmental impact of companies via the CO2-Neutral label. CO2logic can help your company with energy and environmental advice. Is it one of your business goals to obtain the CO2-Neutral label? CO2logic works together with independent certification body Vinçotte. The label is based on the PAS2060 standard and can only be obtained if you prove you are making real efforts to reduce your environmental impact.

Real efforts to reduce environmental impact? This is an important point! As a company, you can only qualify for the label if you calculate, reduce and offset your CO2 emissions. Every tonne of CO2 indirectly costs society between 200 and 400 dollars! As a company, you can only get the CO2-neutral label if you go through these three steps:

  1. With CO2logic’s help, you have to first calculate your current CO2 emissions.
  2. CO2logic will identify the most impactful and efficient solutions to reduce your CO2 emissions, and together, you develop a real action plan for the coming years to systematically reduce your CO2 emissions.
  3. You offset whatever emissions you were not able to eliminate by supporting climate projects and initiatives that support a sustainable society.
Reduce your brand or shop’s ecological footprint

The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries. They therefore have a responsibility in reducing our global CO2 emissions. The CO2-Neutral label can not only be awarded to companies but also specific products such as a piece of clothing. The CO2 emissions of the entire supply chain (extraction of raw materials, making these into clothing and then transport to retailers) can be calculated and then offset.

The CO2-Neutral label helps increase profit

The actions of your CO2-Neutral company will have widespread benefits. To start with, you’re obviously reducing your environmental impact which is great. By reducing your energy consumption, you’ll save more money. You are also an attractive employer for people committed to the planet. Finally, you’ll attract more consumers and improve your company’s image.

Do you want to take action? CO2logic is ready to help you!