Discover the sustainable, local and circular shops from Rotterdam with COSH's sustainable shopping map! A lot is happening in Rotterdam around circularity and social entrepreneurship. In the heart of the city you’ll find various local production ateliers where collections are produced in a social and fair way. Or the collections are designed in Rotterdam and the production is outsourced to fairtrade production parties within or outsitde Europe.

Curious which circular, local and social brands you can discover in Rotterdam? You can read it here!

Ethical production in local ateliers in and around Rotterdam

Sustainable lifestyle products from local makers

MADE out of

Making an impact locally, socially and ecologically: that is Made Out Of's mission. In the production atelier of Made Out Of, near Rotterdam, sustainable lifestyle products are made and designed by local makers. They do this on behalf of (large) companies and with their private label that is for sale at various retailers.

Durable bags made from old fire hoses


Unique, durable and sturdy: these are the circular bags made from old fire hoses by the Rotterdam brand Eversom. Designer Ilse Evers consciously chose this material: old fire hoses do not become waste, but a new sustainable product. An Eversom bag reminds you that so much more is possible than you already know and that waste can become a beautiful new product.

Sustainable and locally produced hamam towels


Looking for beautiful hamam towels that are sustainably and ethically produced? At Oxious you’ll find a collection of high-quality hammam towels and accessories in which sustainability, social entrepreneurship and ethical production are in their core business. Part of the collection is produced in Turkey through the 'Women Project' and part in their local production workshop in Rotterdam.

Timeless designs, ethically and locally produced in Rotterdam

A • Brandsma

Amber Brandsma's atelier in the heart of Rotterdam is home to the refined women's label A • Brandsma. From here, the collection is not only designed, but also made. Ethical and local!

A • Brandsma is a brand that focuses on high-quality women's clothing, inspired by vintage designs. With a focus on timeless and sustainable designs, Amber Brandsma strives to make clothing that meets the needs and wishes of her customers.

Social streetwear label


HEDONE is a local Rotterdam label where young talent gets a fair chance at success. The organization offers at-risk youth an alternative to express their talents instead of ending up in the drug environment. The cool streetwear brand gives young people the perspective and guidance to become a production manager, designer or an entrepreneur. The clothing is ethically and locally made in the Netherlands.

Locally made and made-to-order bags and jewelry

Zoë Detrez

Looking for a timeless handbag or unique piece of jewelry? The designer Zoë Detrez makes unique, made-to-order bags and jewelry in her atelier in Rotterdam. Her designs are elegant, minimalistic, genderless and seasonless. The bags and jewelry are made to order, which means that stocks are kept to a minimum.

Handmade leather bags and accessories

olga korstanje

Looking for a unique bag? Then visit olga korstanje in Rotterdam: this is a store and maker's atelier in one with a wide collection of sustainable and locally made bags. The collection of her own label O* olga korstanje consists of leather bags and accessories that owner Olga makes herself in her atelier, at the back of the store. The designs are timeless, there is little stock to prevent surpluses and she often works to order.

Ethical production in ateliers in or outside Europa

Sustainable and ethically produced clothing


Looking for sustainable, comfortable and high-quality clothing? You've come to the right place at OSKA in Rotterdam! In this spacious and bright store you’ll find a large collection of clothing for women, often made from natural fabrics such as GOTS certified cotton, linen, wool, hemp and lyocell. The majority of the collection is produced in Europe and part in China, with which the brand has had a good and fair trade partnership for more than 25 years.

Ethisch gemaakte sieraden uit Bali


Looking for the perfect ring, bracelet or necklace? Let yourself and the planet shine with Xzota's sustainable jewelry.

The handmade and ethical jewelry brand is dedicated to creating jewelry that is both stylish and sustainable. Designer Tessy uses high-quality and sometimes recycled materials in the designs. For the production she works together with her mother and local artisan goldsmiths in Bali.

Sustainable bags made from recycled truck tarps

Freitag Rotterdam

Discover unique, sustainable bags from Freitag, made from recycled truck tarps and seat belts. They are not only stylish but also environmentally conscious. The prototypes are designed and sewn in the factory in Switzerland, in addition, the rest of the production takes place in an ethical way in Portugal, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania.

Sustainable and ethically made wallets


Looking for a beautiful, ethically responsible wallet? The Dutch brand Secrid offers high-quality, sustainable and locally made wallets. The basic collection is unisex and timeless and they also regularly release collections with unique materials and designs. The Secrid wallet is produced in the Netherlands and works together with social ateliers.

Colorful, ethical and vintage-inspired women's clothing

Very Cherry

At the Very Cherry brand store in Rotterdam you’ll find a colorful collection of vintage-inspired clothing and accessories for women. From elegant jumpsuits and dresses with prints to various (hair) accessories: you’ll find it in this beautiful boutique! You can also be sure that you are making a sustainable purchase here. The Very Cherry collection is 100% fair trade, ethically produced in Europe and mostly sustainable materials are used such as linen and Ecovero viscose.

Fair trade gift shop

Wereldwinkel Rotterdam

Are you looking for an original and fair trade gift? Then visit the Wereldwinkel Rotterdam Centrum. Here you’ll find beautiful products from all over the world that are made in a fair way with respect for people and the environment. The Wereldwinkel Rotterdam Centrum is located in the sustainable department store De Groene Passage.

Eco department store in Rotterdam

De Groene Passage

Walk into De Groene Passage and discover various sustainable shops under one roof. In this ecological department store you’ll find seven retailers with a human, animal and environmentally friendly collection. For example, the sustainable interior design shop Van Binnen, the fair trade gift shop De Wereldwinkel, the ecological supermarket Gimsel and the organic restaurant Spirit.

Zero waste products

Local zero waste webshop

No Waste Heroes

Are you curious about sustainable lifestyle products? No Waste Heroes makes it easy for you to try new eco-friendly, circular and animal-friendly lifestyle products. From shampoo bars to reusable cotton pads and bamboo toothbrushes; you’ll find everything together on one platform at No Waste Heroes.