At COSH! we research sustainability in the fashion industry, but the deco and furniture industry also have an impact on the environment. Are you planning a move or a renovation and would you also like to give your interior a sustainable touch? Then we have good news for you. COSH! browsed through the range of sustainable interior and furniture stores and collected some nice options; So you can create a personal, circular interior with quality items that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

Ergodôme: ergonomic and sustainable paradise

Anyone who strives for a sustainable lifestyle knows that self-care is part of this. For a conscious and healthy life, correct ergonomics and a good night's sleep are a must! Are you looking for ergonomic furniture? Then you have to go to Ergodôme, specialist in sustainable beds, custom-made mattresses, ergonomic recliners and office chairs.

Essentials for your home office

At Ergodôme you will find blissful recliners to relax in your living room and quality office chairs for your 'home office'. Have your chairs covered with natural fabrics (cotton with Oekotex label and EU Eco-labels) or recycled polyester in the color of your choice.

Is the fabric worn out after many years? Then you can easily have your chair re-upholstered at Ergodôme. You will enjoy your purchase for years to come.

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Sleep like a log on a quality mattress

At Ergodôme they know that a good mattress improves the quality of sleep. At the back of the store you can try out different types of mattresses from Green Sleep. The mattresses are fully customizable and are produced in Belgium.

All materials are natural and the raw material consists of 95% natural hevea latex from eco-farms in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. In addition, no pesticides or growth products are used. In addition to rubber, the mattress also contains 100% pure Texel wool. This is treated naturally and therefore not chemically bleached or softened. The wool ensures that the body heat is retained without overheating.

Unique solid wood beds

In addition to mattresses, Ergodôme also offers sustainabe beds made from 100% hardwood. Thanks to craftsmanship and traditional techniques, all parts of the wood fit together perfectly. The result is a unique solid wood bed without any metal. The hardwood is also finished with non-toxic natural oils and glues. So you can sleep on both ears because these beds do not contain any harmful substances that could affect your health.

The beds are available in different types of wood and with different finishes. The hardwood always comes from sustainably managed forests in Europe. Thanks to their excellent quality, the solid beds last forever. ze bedden bevat geen schadelijke stoffen die jouw gezondheid kunnen aantasten.

Do you have a difficult night's sleep or do you experience a lot of muscle pain? Then a visit to Ergodôme in Antwerp or Wilrijk is definitely worth it. You will get extensive advice that is tailor-made for you so you will go home with tailor-made items that will last for years!

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Choose smart, choose modular!

Are you still looking for the perfect dining table or cabinet, but can't find the perfect dimensions? Does your budget not allow you to opt for customization? Then we have an ultimate tip for you: choose modular! This option is often cheaper than custom-made furniture and thanks to smart configurators that allow you to mix and match, you can create your dream furniture!

Modular tables that grow with you

Topp and Legg is a young Belgian furniture company where you can use an online configurator to create a table to your own taste. Are you moving to a bigger house or is your taste changing? Then you don't have to buy a completely new table. Topp and Legg offers you a solid base on which you can build further. A larger table top or a different base are easily done. This makes your Topp and Legg piece last a lifetime. Moreover, the tables are made of ecological, sustainable materials.

The start-up has three generations of interior design expertise behind them and a fresh outlook on the future. Thanks to this combination, they made a successful entry into the world of interior design. Are you looking for Belgian design with class? Make an appointment at the showroom in Izegem. The Topp and Legg team will gladly guide you in your search for a table that perfectly fits your interior.

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Mix and match with String

We can tell ourselves that we live very minimalist lives, but no matter how you look at it, everyone needs storage space! Are you still looking for a rack on which you can put your things? At MOOSE in the CITY you will find the handy, modular shelving systems of String. Choose from a range of racks and cabinets and create your own arrangement for the bathroom, living room or office. Be inspired by the mood boards and choose the combination, dimensions and finish yourself on the String furniture configurator String furniture configurator on their website.

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Sleep under fair linen

Kalani bath- and bedlinen

Kalani sells bath linens, pillowcases, bed covers, bathrobes, bath towels and bath mats made from 100% organic and fair trade cotton. No artificial chemicals, toxins or GMOs are used in the production of the products. The result? Healthy soil, rich biodiversity, no toxic chemicals in the environment and workers who are respected and paid fairly! Moreover, there is no need to iron the products thanks to the softness and high quality of the fibers! In short, only benefits with Kalani's beautiful products.

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An eco-friendly lick of paint on the wall

Would you like to give your interior a fresh look but do not have the budget for a complete makeover? Then a coat of paint can work wonders! Moreover, you do not have to be a professional to obtain a good paint result.

Looking for environmentally friendly paint? Then we would like to introduce you to TONE. This paint brand pays attention to their environmental impact with every choice they make. The premium wall paint is made exclusively with a water base and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are kept to a minimum. Moreover, the production is done 100% locally in Belgium. For the packaging of the TONE products, the brand opts for recyclable solutions. The paint is suitable for various substrates, easy to apply and offers high coverage. Would you like to score TONE paint? Discover their range at Fonetik in Aalst.

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Something old, something new

If we really want to move towards a sustainable future, a circular economy is the way to go. Here, products are kept in the cycle as long as possible and existing materials are given a new purpose. Would you like to discover circular fashion designers? Then click here. For more interior inspiration, be sure to read on below!

Hip furniture from old sofas

With the brand Triptiek, the designer duo Veerle Tytgat and Sophie De Somere make circular furniture from discarded sofa leather. The leather is cut up and woven into 'textiles' for chairs, a paravent, a cabinet, a stool, .... Triptiek started from the design of end-of-life products and adapted their methodology to the residual material to be obtained.

Artistic patchwork curtains

The Belgian brand La Gadoue transforms old men's shirts into beautiful curtains. The brand is the work of two designers, Eloïse Maës & Audrey Werthle. In their studio in Anderlecht, they collect men's shirts in solid colors of different sizes and materials. They cut these up and process them into curtains with a subtle geometric composition.

They also design collections of ceramic bowls and objects and create custom textiles for interiors. Are you looking for a real eye catcher for your interior? Let La Gadoue surprise you!

Handmade carpets with a story

Thanks to the Dutch start-up Carpet Of Life, you can add an extra personal touch to your interior. At the company you can have a handmade carpet made from your old textiles. Do you still have old textiles from a loved one who passed away or do you want to incorporate your travel clothes into a cool carpet? Whatever your story, Carpet Of Life will provide you with a unique carpet that you will cherish for years. All carpets are handmade in Morocco, providing jobs for 56 weavers.

Are you excited to get out your paint brush or add an extra touch to your interior? Then be sure to take a look at one of the merchants above! Read more sustainable lifestyle articles here or discover more sustainable addresses via our shopping guide!

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