Tip of the iceberg

COSH!, the innovative Belgian platform for sustainable fashion, clearly is on a mission. During its seed funding round, the start-up raised a whopping € 600.000 in funding. That way, it manages to get a firm foothold, inside ánd outside of Belgium.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg”, says Niki de Schryver, founder and CEO of the start-up, who has its headquarters in tech incubation hub Brugge.Inc. since the beginning of October. Thanks to this funding round the innovative platform wants to give even more wind to its mission to make the fashion industry more transparent, sustainable, and circular.

5 months 10 times good news

The proof of those ambitious endeavors? The initiatives COSH! has launched and will launch with the funding (about which you’ll discover more the following months, stay tuned)

A little sneak peek:

· Take-over of the Dutch platform Fairify & the digitalization of the ‘Screen my brand’-algorithm, together with the city of Antwerp

· ‘Screen my store’ thanks to the DigiCirc fund

· Black Friday or … Green Friday?

· 2 new shopping roadmaps, inside and outside of Belgium

· a sustainable, “Mediterranean” merger

· a circular fashion week that will leave you sweaty

· … and much, much more!

No ‘I’ in ‘team’

You only get so far on your own. What keeps the COSH!-fire going?The unwavering support and faith of the investors. It’s thanks to their capital injections that the fashion industry and the world in general will soon look more sustainable and beautiful.

COSH! could and can count on the financial support of imec, the DigiCirc grant, Stad Antwerpen, Ballistix Digital, Kenny Willems, Hefboom, a bank loan and a private impact fund. And last but not least: the COSH!-team itself.

Why do those partners so strongly believe in COSH!’s mission? This is what Erica Caluwaerts, alderman for economy, innovation and digitization at the City of Antwerp has to say about it. The city wants groundbreaking fashion entrepreneurs to continue taking the lead in the future and therefore focuses with them on sustainability, local production, fashion tech, digitization and retail concepts:

“COSH! is one of the innovative fashion projects that we supported from our call. Their tool, in which the clothing is objectively screened for ethics, the environment and working conditions, can be further digitized by this latest financial push. The screened brands will then be visually displayed on location at fashion retailers in Antwerp, which will encourage consumers to buy locally. In addition, this allows us to profile ourselves as a sustainable fashion city.”

Ook imec.istart, imec’s business accelerator voor tech start-ups ziet toekomstmuziek in de duurzame onderneming:

“COSH! combines smart tech and a lot of passion to make the fashion and retail world more sustainable and transparent. We at imec.istart can only applaud this and are therefore very happy to support it. COSH! is well on its way to becoming the number 1 in conscious and sustainable shopping in Europe.”

Photographer: Frank Toussaint

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