The Christmas shopping fair of Bruges

A place where local entrepreneurship is encouraged. Where 115 local, creative minds seduce customers with their products and where sustainability is a high priority. Indeed, it is De Vitrine! And to further highlight the ecological and ethical aspect, this year De Vitrine is working together with COSH! The two West Flemish companies are joining forces to make Flanders a more conscious and better place.

will be partnering sustainably with

Belgian Fashion Tech start-up COSH!

In the weekend of 7 and 8 December there will be the 19th edition of De Vitrine in the Brugeoise in Bruges. But this edition is very different from previous years, because this time De Vitrine is partnering with COSH!. This online tool makes sustainable shopping easier and puts sustainable shops and their brands literally and figuratively on the map. A collaboration between the two was therefore quickly sounded.

Just like De Vitrine, COSH! attaches great importance to products that are made locally and according to traditional methods. The added value that COSH! can offer De Vitrine is its expertise in ecological and fair textile products. Founder Niki de Schryver screens all brands that come to COSH! with her knowledge acquired during the start-up of Bruno Pieters' eco and fair label Honestby. This autumn she and her team launched COSH!, an online tool and platform that makes sustainable shopping easier. With COSH! everyone will find sustainable clothing within their style and budget!

De Vitrine takes place in the Brugeoise in Bruges on December 7th from 15h-21h and December 8th from 10h-18h.

Sunday at 10am and 2pm

Sustainable fashion talk!

To take the visitors and customers into the beautiful and ecological world of COSH! the platform organizes a talk on Sunday 8 December at 10 am and 2 pm in De Vitrine.

Niki will talk about the problems in the fashion industry and explain how sustainable fashion is not a black and white story either. She will also give tips on how we can all make much more sustainable choices in our own way and according to our own preferences.

Each talk has room for 20 people, so order your ticket quickly:

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