Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer. Do you also not have a present yet? No worries, why don’t you gift her a real experience? Then you can both enjoy your gift and you can also arrange this last-minute. Win-win! We inspire you with some DIY packages and sustainable workshops in Belgium with which you will for sure give your mother a lovely afternoon or evening!

De Groene Stadshut

Eco & diy workshops in Antwerp

Are you and your mom making the first steps towards a sustainable and zero waste lifestyle? Then the eco and DIY workshops at De Groene Stadshut are definitely something for you both! Discover the pleasure of making things yourself and get inspired by the sustainable enthusiasm of Maya. This month you can follow several different workshops, from learning how to make your own shampoo bars and (food) bath praline. Or do you prefer to make your own bodyscrub, lip balm and deodorant? They also organize fun Wine & Paint evenings and in June you can even enjoy a DIY wellness afternoon!

The workshops are very accessible and show that living sustainably does not have to be difficult.

Are you curious to their full offer? Make sure to check the website of De Groene Stadshut!

Discover the eco workshops
Løv | Elly

Bake your own vegan cake

Is your mom a real baking queen? Then she will for sure be a big fan of Løv | Elly. With these mixes you can easily make your own granola, date balls or snicker cake! The baking mixes come with a self-explanatory recipe and are because of this a walk in the park. Above this, you also know exactly what you eat. The ingredients do not contain any added sugar or E-numbers and are vegan! Do you already crave the dishes? Take a look at the webshop of Løv | Elly!

Next to this, Løv | Elly offers gift sets especially for Mother’s Day! From skincare sets to zero-waste bathroom boxes to sustainable kitchen materials, you will for sure find something your mother will love!

DIY baking mixes from Løv | Elly
Anne Drake

Make your own natural cleaning products and cosmetics

Is your mother completely into spring cleaning? Why don’t you give her a workshop at Anne Drake? In a few hours she explains to you how you can make natural cleaning products and cosmetics.

In her next workshop about ecological cleaning products she teaches you how to make ecological washing powder, all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant cleaner, desclaer and more! For more ecological cleaning products read this blog.

There is also a sustainable cosmetics workshop soon where you can make your own shampoobar, conditioner bar, body soap bar and bodylotion bar!

Does your mom prefer staying at home? Anne Drake’s webshop also offers handy boxes with which you can create ecological products yourself at home. Thanks to the online instruction videos this is a very accessible and nice activity.

Are you sold? Make sure to check Anne Drake’s website down below!

Anne Drake DIY boxes

Repair your beloved leather item

It is very tempting to buy something new for your mom, but why don’t you try something different? At HoiHoi you can get your loved leather item repaired or refurbished so you can enjoy the lovely pair of shoes or handbag even longer. HoiHoi is located in Oosterzele close to Ghent, but you can also get your item repaired via mail.

Your mom's favourite bag repaired, a better present than this you won’t find, right?

repair your item at HoiHoi
House Raccoon

Make your own terrazzo coasters

House Raccoon offers you a DIY kit that you can get very creative with. With the kit you make 2 to 3 unique design terrazzo coasters. Because of the different colours in the kit you are sure to make a coaster that fits your taste and interior. For each DIY kit sold, House Raccoon also plants a tree.

House Raccoon DIY kit

Crochet and knitting workshops tailored to your needs

Ulla is the place to be for custom macramé, crochet and knitting workshops. This in Lochristi or at the comfort of your home. Assemble your own group and enjoy a few hours where you will learn a lot from Sofie's expertise in these different areas. For now, you can also contact her for one-on-one video chat advice to bring all your creative projects to a successful end.

workshops Ulla
Katrien Perquy

Learn how to felt in Bruges

Katrien Perquy can be found in her atelier in Bruges. She processes wool into art, house decoration and clothing and uses solely plant dye. She is a real connoisseur and likes to share her knowledge. She does this via her workshops. For example, she often gives workshops where she teaches you how to felt and plant dye. Perfect for a relaxing and creative afternoon for you and your mom, if you ask us.

workshops Katrien Perquy

Making candles

Also in Bruges you can find Ecocandle where you can make candles in an environmentally friendly way. A lovely activity for adults and children and thus perfect for the whole family! Nothing is better than creating candles with your mom and seeing them everyday in your house, right?

Workshops Ecocandle
Ma Reine et moi in Heverlee

Make your own clothes

Did your mom always dream of drawing her own patterns and making her own clothes? At Ma Reine et Moi in Heverlee close to Leuven you can follow workshops to make your own pants, blazer or coat. Martine of Ma Reine et Moi teaches you how to draw a basic pattern based on your own measurements so you can go home with a design that fits your body perfectly. Because remember: you should not fit the clothes, the clothes should fit you!

Workshops of Ma Reine et Moi
Zonnehoed in Zwalm

Pregnancy yoga and information sessions

Do you know someone that is a soon-to-be-mother? Why don’t you gift her a workshop pregnancy yoga? For this but also for information sessions about washable diapers, carrying your baby and taking care of yourself as a parent you have to be at Zonnehoed in Zwalm. A true recommendation for soon-to-be-mothers (and fathers!).

Ontdek de activiteiten van Zonnehoed
Clothilde in Aalst

Beauty workshops

Are you and your mom still looking for the perfect skincare routine or do you want to learn more about make-up? Then a workshop at Clothilde in Aalst can definitely help you out! During the Skincare 101 workshop you can try out several products and discover thanks to the professional advice which products fit your skin best. Are you eager to find out the basic techniques for a pretty and natural make-up look? During the make-up workshop at Clothilde you learn which foundation and eye make-up fit you best!

Clothilde also gives a Mother’s Day brunch workshop on Mother’s Day itself, May 8th. During this brunch you will get to know more about botanical skincare and make-up and your skin will be pampered from beginning to end.

Do you want to discover more beauty workshops? Discover the whole assortment of workshops via this link!

Discover more beauty workshops
Druantia in Lier

Immerse yourself in the world of natural cosmetics

Would you like to learn how to make natural care products yourself? Then Druantia in Lier is the perfect place for you! During the workshops you will get introduced to natural cosmetics in an accessible way. Choose from the broad assortment and learn how to make anti-aging-, skincare-, haircare- or other zero-waste products.

During the workshop you will learn how to work with biological vegetal oils, hydrolates and other ingredients according to strict certifications. Next to that, you will go home with lovely self-made cosmetics and receive the recipe so you can make the products again at home.

Ontdek de workshops van Druantia
Supergoods in Mechelen, Antwerp and Ghent

Indulgence via the skincare workshops with Cîme products

Does your mom also want to treat her skin optimally but does not know where to start, let alone which products she needs? Then the workshops organised by Supergoods are the perfect present for her! During this workshop you will get a skincare treatment with Cîme products, biological drinks, testers of your favourite products and a discount! Do you now think “yes please!”? Then make sure to check the moments of the workshops here!

Borgerhub in Antwerp

Discover several workshops and local products

Do you want to attend an event or sustainable workshop, or do you prefer to buy a local product? All is possible at Borgerhub, where more than 40 creative entrepreneurs sell their products. On a regular basis Borgerhub organises events and workshops. In April you could among other things follow a workshop Balinese dance and learn to make tea mocktails. There were also workshops in which you got the chance to taste poké bowls and wraps or where you discovered how to boost your creativity. Make sure to keep an eye at their Facebook page to be up to date with their workshops in the near future!

Orybany in Brussels

Go completely creative with the workshops at Orybany in Brussels!

Do you already know Orybany in Brussels? In this cute gift-store you will for sure find a present for your mom. But, you can also find lots of creative workshops there by true artists. In the atelier of this shop local craftsmen and designers come together. At these local experts you can book a private workshops, from learning how to design and make jewels to natural cosmetics to origami to drawing, a zero-waste lunch or a workshop Japanese cooking. Everything is possible!

Do you prefer to buy a present instead of a workshop? Make sure to check this blog with Mother’s Day gift tips!

Do you prefer to buy a present instead of a workshop? Make sure to check this blog with Mother’s Day gift tips!

Do you want to discover more workshops in the Netherlands or sustainable stores near you? Go to our shopping guide!

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