COSH! on Anna Pops

In search of sustainable fashion finds

What lies behind ethical fashion? What is the impact of 'slow fashion' and what are the characteristics of a sustainable piece of textile?

During our search on all these questions we ended up with Niki de Schryver. She is the founder of the COSH! platform. Through this online platform she wants to help consumers in their search for sustainable, ethical clothing. On Thursday evening 24 October Niki was our guest and guide through a sustainable lifestyle with a focus on fashion.

Cosh says the following about sustainability: "We don't see sustainability as a black and white story. There are many different facets to sustainability. And few brands score on all these characteristics and are circular and natural, short chain and 100% vegetable, traditionally produced and without any chemicals, honestly made and without any waste or polluting transport."

They check brands for the following 8 categories: the ethical (working conditions), the ecological (impact on the environment), the circular, the short chain, microplastics, vegan, slow fashion and transparency.

As a rule of thumb, Niki has always been committed to avoiding PVC and 'normal cotton' as well as polyesters in clothing that is not a raincoat or sportswear. Acceptable and environmentally friendly are organic cotton, tencel and recycled variants.

Curious about the sustainable scores of the Anna Pops fashion finds? Check here Her list will be updated monthly because her research on sustainable brands has only just started.

Article by Tina Daem

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