Promising circular brands for 2023

2022 is coming to an end. Therefore, COSH! is happy to introduce you to new circular entrepreneurs who made their rise last year and will excel even more in 2023! All of them are talented, sustainable, circular entrepreneurs who we are convinced will have a promising future. Find out in what ways they are going circular.


Zeepzot: From coffee to soap, truly circular!

Local soaps with original scents that are good for people, animals and the planet: that is what Zeepzot in Bruges is all about. In 2021, Layla started experimenting with making soap blocks and shampoo bars. Meanwhile, she also got the 'Handmade in Bruges' label. What can you imagine with circular soap? Super original combinations such as body scrub made from coffee grounds and hand soap made from Belgian beer!

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The Different Concept

The Different Concept: upcycled fashion

This unique concept store in Bruges is the place to be for fans of unique, eclectic fashion. The shop offers colourful kimonos and dresses, shoes, eye-catching necklaces, handbags, sunglasses and more. Are you a fan of upcycled/circular fashion? At The Different Concept, you will also discover unique garments by Moroccan upcycling designer Malakut.

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Moov360: From waste materials to sports bags!

For sports outfits made from recycled materials, you have to be at Moov360 in Waterloo. The main material MOOV360 uses to produce their clothes is ECONYL. This nylon yarn is made from recycled fishing nets and other industrial waste. The colourful fabric leftovers from production cuts are made into handy and unique sports bags.

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Andrea Bos

Andrea Bos: Patchwork at its best!

For honest, unique, personalised and circular clothes, Andrea Bos in Antwerp is the place to be. A typical element of the garments is the combination of different jeans. These form a cool patchwork effect and make each garment slightly different. For her collections, she uses second-hand jeans. This economic model aims to give materials a function for as long as possible and create as little waste as possible.

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Marypup: Umbrellas get a second life!

At Marypup in Anderlecht, broken umbrellas get a second life. They are transformed into rain ponchos, rain trousers and rain jackets! By the way, the rainwear collection is made entirely in Brussels.

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Kibibi: jewellery made from recycled or natural materials

At Kibibi, most of the jewellery is made from recycled or natural materials, so circular. These include circular earrings made from copper wire recovered from electrical appliances. In addition, Kibibi jewellery is wrapped in kraft paper and the jewellery cards are made of recycled paper. The plastic envelopes used by Kibibi were rescued by An from the container park, preventing them from ending up in landfill. In this way, An tries to minimise the footprint of her jewellery.

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King Comf

King Comf: From deadstock materials to kimonos

Ghent-based King Comf works with deadstock materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, thus committing to circularity and circular clothes. At the brand, you will find kimonos as well as soft scarves and blankets. You've also come to the right place for a unique pair of shoes. King Comf is a brand that's also great for retailers, are you buying less because it's hard to estimate in recent years? You can let King Comf know your colour palette and they will see which kimonos could be a nice addition to your range. Shops distributing the circular brand in Bruges already testify that they are an absolute favourite with their customers.

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IWAS: Accessories made from upcycled materials

At IWAS in Destelbergen, you will discover various accessories and interior items made from upcycled materials, so circular. Examples of upcycled materials are glass bottles, plastic waste and rubber tyres. In the assortment, you will find various items: from backpacks and shoppers to glasses and scented candles.

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Les Essentiels de Gaëlle

Les Essentiels de Gaëlle: Old men's shirts become children's clothes

Gaëlle turns men's shirts that are worn out only at the cuffs or collar into unique children's clothes. Did you know that a circular garment stitched locally saves up to 96% of the carbon footprint? Very eco-friendly in other words! The mission of Les Essentiels de Gaëlle in Overijse is to give as many shirts as possible a second life as dresses or shirts for 0 to 10-year-old boys and girls.

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Discover more circular brands? Meet the circular entrepreneurs from the Netherlands in the next blog!