There's no way to avoid it: Black Friday is coming! Everywhere you are inundated with interesting Black Friday deals: While opening your mailbox, watching television or opening social media. Smart marketers are putting all weapons in battle and tempting us to consume as much as possible. 'Because 4+1 free, you can't pass up that opportunity right?' At COSH! we are saying bye Black Friday and good morning Green Friday for the fourth year in a row!

It's probably already clear to you. Black Friday encourages overconsumption and makes us buy products we don't actually need. And that's anything but sustainable if you ask us! Did you already end up with a lot of unnecessary purchases and an empty bank account on Black Friday, or are you wondering how you can shop more sustainably during this period? Then we have some useful tips for you below! So you can participate in Green Friday!

Shop consciously: this is how to resist firm discounts

Sustainability always starts with awareness. Always ask yourself the question: Do I really need this item or am I just buying it because there is a huge discount? Be honest with yourself! That one new dress will probably give you a happy feeling at first, but may not really be a good addition to your closet.

So shop consciously and buy only what you really need. Want to avoid impulse buys and mispurchases? Then make a list of items that are really missing from your closet. This will give you a clear overview of which purchases are useful and which Black Friday promotions you can confidently ignore. Do you see a garment in the store or online that is not on that list? Then ignore it. And yes, this also applies to discounted items during sales! The planet and your wallet will thank you!

Got your list ready but not sure where to shop? Take a look at our shopping guide! Discover sustainable brands and shop at local sustainable stores near you.

Shop circular and reduce waste!

The fashion industry unfortunately creates tons of waste. To avoid the ever-growing mountain of waste, it's best to choose a circular option. In a circular economy, existing materials are used, repaired, refurbished and recycled for as long as possible.

Want a new outfit without contributing to the rising waste mountain? Then be sure to take a look at our list of circular designers. These local talents get to work with remnants or second-hand clothes and transform them into new, trendy garments.

Of course, circular fashion often comes with a higher price tag. This is because production often takes place on a much smaller scale and locally. Would you like to shop at a circular designer but it does not always fit within your budget? Then Green Friday is an ideal time for you. Many designers then set up actions where they sell their previous collection at a lower price. That way, you support the local economy and avoid textiles going to waste. A great example of sustainable shopping during Black Friday!

The Swapshop

Other ways to shop circularly include buying second-hand clothes or swapping clothes, such as at The Swapshop in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The Swapshop Rotterdam is organizing a big swap event this year on November 26 in Bluecity Rotterdam. Discover the best stores at the circular Christmas market and swap away!

Zonnehoed in Zwalm chooses to do an action on Circular Monday. Customers can bring in fabric totebags and in exchange they will receive points. The store will no longer buy paper bags. Gifts for brand-new parents or young children will be wrapped with wrapping fabric (furoshiki) from then on. The wrapping fabric can also be returned in exchange for points.

Juno in Wijnegem sells a mix of second-hand and sustainable clothing for kids. You get 10% discount the whole week of Black Friday, by doing their action not only on Black Friday, they make a statement.

Give back during Green Friday

Several retailers within the COSH! network choose to give something back during Black Friday by supporting charities or planting trees, for example. This as a counter reaction to the giga discounts that encourage overconsumption.

For example, Reshare store and Vega-life in Amsterdam choose to buy trees through Trees4all. This way they give something back to nature. Doekjes en Broekjes and Anders Getint in Leuven are also giving back to nature from November 20 to 30. With purchases from 50 euros they will donate 4 euros to Natuurpunt and with purchases from 100 euros they will donate 10 euros!


Also Natuurcosmetic store Druantia chooses to donate 1 euro per order to Wielewaal, the local branch of Natuurpunt. Kiez is a store that sells natural care products, from Nov. 21 to Nov. 25, KIEZ gives €5 with every purchase to the non-profit organization Zorgmassage!

Give your stuff some extra love

Cherishing and restoring your belongings for as long as possible is also an important part of a sustainable mindset. For example, you can go to HOIHOI to restore your beloved handbag.


Are you looking for circular glasses? Then you've come to the right place at Bidules in Brussels. At this optician you will find vintage eyeglass frames. The collection is the result of searches in attics, at old factories, retired opticians.

Bidules wants to extend the life of eyeglasses. They are celebrating their customers who take great care of their glasses! Plus, like they do on any day of the year, They will clean, or provide repairs and refurbishments on any pair of glasses – from the shop or any flea market or thrift shop.

Their team is ready to chat with you about that broken pair at the bottom of your drawer, or your grandmother's vintage frames – whether they can be fixed and turned into sunglasses or opticals for you. They will also pass on their in-house tricks for maintaining your glasses, so you can keep your frames clean and in top form...for the next hundred years! Remember: why buy new when you can buy old-new?

Want to discover other repair shops? Read our blog!

Support local retailers

Would you still like to shop during Black Friday? Then shopping at a local retailer is often the most sustainable option! Big e-commerce giants are often only out for profit and therefore do not pay much attention to nature or decent working conditions in their supply chains. When you buy from a local retailer, you save unnecessary webshop transports. Moreover, you also make someone very happy! Don't know where to shop, need some inspiration? On COSH! you can find more than 400 local, sustainable retailers in Flanders, Brussels and the Netherlands!

We would like to bring to your attention some great Green Friday actions:

On November 25th and 26th, the Fashion for Good Museum is collaborating with Gemeente Amsterdam, New Order of Fashion and Stadspas to show alternatives for shopping especially at the time of year when (over)consumption is encouraged by many retailers. During the two days the museum opens its doors to the public and anyone can bring an item of clothing that they want to upcycle or repair for free!

Zero Waste store OHNE is doing the action Klean Kanteen 100% for the planet. This means that 100% of the sales of Klean Kanteen bottles during the "Black friday" weekend will be donated to environmental organizations under the motto "our Planet doesn't need a discount".

Oxfam Mechelen is participating in Local Friday in downtown Mechelen. The store is open until 8 p.m. They want people to consume more consciously. Moreover, they provide a small gift.

Will you celebrate Rainbow Friday with children's store Blabloom in Genk? It's a brand new holiday that focuses on connection, hope and diversity! On November 25 and 26, you can visit the concept store in Genk for connecting activities such as a mommy cafe, a play morning "we're building a rainbow world", a carrier walk and information sessions by Pleegzorg Limburg. Come photograph your child in the rainbow photobooth with an XXL version of the famous Grimm's rainbow. They also support charities, so you can make a donation of 5 euros to Pleegzorg. For every donation Blabloom adds another 5 euros! Moreover, together with Hello August they made a rainbow card.The proceeds of the cards also go to Pleegzorg!

At Or Service you will find beautiful jewelry. On Green Friday they highlight their way of working, for example they work with recycled gold and silver.

Local soap store Zeepzot in Bruges also has a unique promotion. If you buy a black soap dish you get a black soap at half price.

Anne Drake who helps you on your way to an eco-lifestyle is doing promotions around different themes such as eco cleaning products, Zero waste items, personal care products and DIY kits. For example, you can save for Zero Waste loyalty points for a 5€ discount voucher. In her blog you will find inspiring tips to get through the holidays low on waste, ecological and budget-friendly. Enjoy a 5% discount on all products in the webshop with the discount code COSH2022 (minimum purchase amount 25€, one-time use of the code and valid until December 31, 2022).

Second-hand clothing store Mijnes jouwes in Rotterdam chooses a playful action on Green Friday. The home page with clothes on their website will turn completely green, take a look at the website if you are curious!

The holidays are coming and of course you want to shine, this is possible thanks to clothing and accessory store mAke in Hasselt! They are launching the last part of their sustainable collection on November 25.

At skincare store Teint Teint in Antwerp, they are joining forces with some local entrepreneurs. They will have a place in the store on November 25 and 26. This is how they unite their forces on Green Friday.

At children's store Scharrelvos in Antwerp, they choose to make a statement by not organizing any actions. They want to organize a Fair Friday where you can buy fair products at the normal price.

Repair Friday at Garment in Amsterdam! On Green Friday you can sign up by sending an email to [email protected] Join others to repair the garments you already have between 2 and 5 pm!

Why buy something new when there are already so many beautiful and useful materials? From November 21 to December 2, you can use the Green Friday Repurpose Atelier at MADE out of in Nieuw Beijerland! As a counterpoint to Black Friday - a day dedicated to overconsumption - you can give new life to the old garments lying in the back of your closet.

At clothing store Mais Oui in Bruges, they are happy to highlight their preloved collection on Green Friday! What's more, you can bring in a sweater and they'll unfurl it for you.