It's almost that time of the year. Lights are being hung, the smell of burning wood is in the air and the orders for hot chocolate are rising. Just a little more patience and you and your family and friends can open packages under the Christmas tree. Here at the head office at COSH! we are also eagerly awaiting the Christmas period. But no matter how much we like to celebrate it, we also have to consider the impact on the environment that comes with it. To set a good example, we have made a christmas wishlist especially for you, with the best ingredients for the perfect christmas present!

The original gift

Do you like to think out-of-the-box when it comes to gifts? That's great, because COSH! would like you to get to know these three brands that will blow you away with their Christmas socks.

House Raccoon

If a Belgian handmade decoration piece is not a top idea, we don't know what is. Anneleen and Nathan's minimalist designs come to reality in a sheltered workshop in Lier. COSH! is totally in love with their beautiful vases. Ideal to place a beautiful Christmas bouquet in. House Raccoon's love of nature is in heart and soul. For every sold piece the brand plants a tree. Fantastic, isn't it?

Anna Rosa Moschouti

Would you like to surprise your sweetheart with some blingbling, but your budget doesn't reach as far as diamond city? No worries. This brand certainly has something much more original for a much smaller price. Anna Rosa Moschouti makes architectural arm, ear, neck and hand accessories in a sustainable way. The designer still makes part of her collection herself in Belgium, most of it is made by a family business in Greece.

Yuma Labs

With the family a trip to a ski resort planned after Christmas? Then a pair of sunglasses for the Après-ski is the perfect gift! Yuma Labs prints state of the art sunglasses from waste, with a 3D printer in its own studio in Antwerp. Very trashion!

The iconic gift

Do you prefer to keep it a bit more traditional and do you still see supplying someone's underwear drawer as your specialty? Then these brands are for you!


Got some old shirts? Send them to Joseffa and they will create a unique sustainable nightwear collection. Something other than having to borrow your T-shirt all the time...


Another brand that collects old shirts is Vanhulley. This brand employs Dutch women without a diploma to provide them with an education. This brand transforms your discarded shirts into beautiful, comfortable boxer shorts for both women, men and children. This way you have matching boxer shorts for the whole family. Guaranteed to bring you a comic New Year's postcard.


Does your washing machine likes eating socks? The COSH team is familiar with the problem, but knows a brand that has the solution! Qnoop brought the ideal pair of socks on the market. One sock is equipped with a button and the other with a loop. By attaching them together, they don't lose sight of each other during their wash. Handy, isn't it?


Tell me honestly, a pair of underpants that keeps crawling in your buttocks is the most annoying feeling, isn't it? On top of that, it causes you a lot of stress. Give your husband some peace in his life with a boxer from Sizable. At this Belgian brand you can find underwear with the perfect fit! The underpants are made of organic cotton and therefore also cause less stress to the environment.

The warm gift

During wintertime everyone prefers to crawl under a warm blanket with a soft sweater and easy slippers. Especially when everything is made of wool. These next three brands use the material to create the warmest and coziest accessories.

LN Knits

Belgian knitwear made from the softest alpaca wool. This Fairtrade brand makes sweaters, trousers, skirts, jackets and winter accessories for women and children. Men, take notes!


Wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket by this brand is the best thing you can do on a cold evening. Klippan uses eco wool. That means that they treat the newborn sheep once with the necessary product and that should suffice for his whole life. Also the environment in which the sheep live, is not treated with dangerous chemicals and antibiotics. Good for the environment, the animal and you!


With love for Nepal and felt, this Danish label creates woolen shoes and slippers. Egos is 100% handmade, ethical and ecological. Men, women, children and even babies can come to the brand for their footwear. The shoe brand also sells hats, mittens and scarves. Walk, literally and figuratively, on clouds with your family with Egos Copenhagen.

The handy gift

Some of us like to give something useful. But what if we told you that this handy gift can also have something completely original?

Dom Amsterdam

For the youngsters, a backpack is a bit of unfashionable. Give them a fannypack and you make them happy. This brand makes hip bags from recycled textiles in a factory that helps refugees integrate in the Netherlands. Oh, and don't forget the fannypack is no longer worn on the hip, but is put around the upper body!

Ms. Bay

No better place than a woman's handbag for a man's wallet. So if you prefer to put your money away somewhere safe, it's best to buy a bag for your loved one. And no better brand than Ms. Bay! The main raw material of Ms. Bay's products is salmon skin. Wait. What? Yes, salmon skin!


Nothing more embarrassing than your pants dropping to your knees. It may have been fashion in the last decade, now it's just not done. That's why a belt is very handy. Do you want to save a family member from a painful experience? Then buy a belt from the Belgian company Vano. This brand is completely Made in Belgium and knows a thing or two about style.

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