Could you use some sustainable inspiration in the field of fashion and lifestyle? We list the 12 most inspiring, sustainable fashion bloggers that you absolutely must follow! This way you are assured of your daily dose of sustainable fashion & lifestyle inspiration.

Chanel Trapman

"I believe anyone can be an inspiration."

“The most important reason I started working in the clothing industry was the opportunity to work with like-minded, inspiring people. Every day I stay into contact with the most driven people who work every day for positive change. In times when I myself have less energy and see the future a little bright, I look around at all these wonderful people and I feel grateful.” Chanel Trapman has been running her company MUMSTER for years, creating video campaigns for change makers from the fashion industry. Because of the work that Chanel does, she is also a source of inspiration herself.

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When Sarah Smiles

A conscious fashion journey

Sara Dubbeldam has been working hard for years to inspire consumers to make more conscious choices through her blog When Sara Smiles. She does this in a very good way and is therefore one of the most popular blogs of the moment. Her stories are always honest and come straight from her heart, but also show her expertise in sustainable fashion.

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Michelle Amo

Colorful & creative influencer

When you look at Michelle Amo's Instagram account, you immediately get a big smile on your face. Her colorful styles, cheerful energy and beautiful smile pop off your screen. With daily posts and stories, she inspires many with special and often changing hairstyles, eccentric outfits and colorful combinations. In addition, she also makes works of art, which makes her a creative allrounder. We were therefore very honored when Michelle Amo modeled for our sustainable shopping map of Amsterdam! You can spot her beautiful appearance on the front of our Amsterdam shopping map, which is available at more than 100 sustainable stores in Amsterdam.

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Elisabeth van Lierop

Vegan & sustainable family blogger

Elisabeth van Lierop is one of the most loyal slow-fashion supporters we know and also a modest second-hand enthusiast. However, her Instagram account is best known for delicious vegan cuisine and slow life with her family. She also shares the vegan dishes on her blog Plant Based and in her own vegan cookbook. In 2020, Elisabeth van Lierop modeled for our second-hand shopping map of Antwerp!

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My Slow World

A blog that fights against fast fashion

Alexandra is the face behind the blog My Slow World. With her blog she inspires to opt for slow fashion instead of fast fashion, she shares tips for a sustainable lifestyle and shows how nice slow living is. She previously worked as a volunteer for the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, but then started her own blog My Slow World. In addition, she is also an ambassador for COSH! and we would love to see her at our events. She also does everything she can to make a positive impact in the clothing industry and slow down fast fashion. Go Alexandra!

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Laura From The Desert

Zero waste tips & tricks

Laura From the Desert is a Flemish blogger and shares the best tips & tricks for a zero waste lifestyle on her blog and Instagram account. She commutes between Ghent and Biarritz, and has found her home in the latter near the ocean. On the beach of Biarritz she regularly does beach clean ups and shows her sustainable and/or second-hand outfits. Laura is a COSH! ambassador from the very beginning and we love to see her cheerful appearance at our community events!

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Real stories behind brands with a soul

If you want to discover the real story behind stores with a soul, check out the blog Soulstores. The face behind this blog is Talita Kalloe and she writes with great passion about a more sustainable lifestyle. She shares tips about sustainable fashion, interior design, nutrition, beauty and motherhood and pours this all into a beautifully designed blog.

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Eline Rey

Sustainable fashion & lifestyle blog

Meet sustainable fashion & lifestyle blogger Eline Rey! Her blog not only looks great, but also gives a lot of good information about how to buy more consciously and a sustainable lifestyle. She writes about fashion, skin care, travel and sustainable living and how to make it all more environmentally friendly.

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Roosmarijn Koster

Thriftshop YouTube vlogger

Do you like thrift shops and unique second-hand finds? Check out the YouTube channel of vlogger Roosmarijn Koster. This channel is packed with great tips about where to find the best thrift stores and how she combines second-hand finds through her unique colorful style. In addition, Roosmarijn is a fashion designer and creative all rounder who is always into upcycling clothing and giving it a new life. At the beginning of 2022, Roosmarijn went to Antwerp for COSH and made a vlog about her favorite second-hand addresses in Antwerp. Watch the vlog here (in Dutch)!

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Lemonade Amsterdam

Creative, upcycled fashion inspiration

Let us introduce you to the inspiring Nathalie Klok of Lemonade Amsterdam. With her Instagram account she inspires you to be creative and sustainable with clothing by upcycling. Her posts are packed with tips on how to breathe new life into 'old' clothes in a unique way. In addition, she also shares tips about a slow lifestyle and regularly posts critical messages about the fast fashion industry.

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Indiaan In Je Kast

Closet session and sustainable shopping

2 years ago Chiara Spruit started her COSH! interview with this killer quote: 'Society emphasizes qualities that make us insecure, so that we keep buying clothes we don't really need in the hope that we will feel better.'

With the name Indiaan In Je Kast, Chiara Spruit shares about her own sustainable fashion journey, the ups and the downs with subjects such as self-love, body acceptance, but also loneliness in the present time, because more and more people are concerned with what society expects. With lots of color and joy, she makes everyone optimistic about wearing what you want. That is why Chiara also offers personal closet sessions where she helps you shop in your own wardrobe and cherish the clothes you already have.

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Journey Of A Stylist

Sustainable & colorful fashion stylist

Do you already know the colorful and cheerful fashion stylist Greet Moens? She shares her sustainable fashion journey on her blog and Instagram account Journey of a Stylist and she is a must to discover eclectic and colorful looks!

Recently she helped COSH! with the styling during the shoot for the new sustainable shopping map of Bruges. We are always very happy with her positive energy and colorful looks that she brings to the world!

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