By Chanel Trapman

"I believe anyone can be an inspiration."

The most important reason I started working in the clothing industry was the opportunity to work with like-minded inspiring people. Every day I met the most passionate people who work every day for positive change. In times when I have less energy and see the future in a slightly gloomy light, I look around me at all these wonderful people and feel grateful. That's why I would like to share a list of sustainable fashion bloggers with you. A list of power women who all want to contribute in their own way, from small to bigger bloggers. I believe anyone can be an inspiration, but these women have all supported me in some way and now it's my turn to shine a light on them and thank them.

Let's Talk Slow

Sustainable fashion guide & conscious lifestyle blog

This is Stephanie from Let's Talk Slow. The first time I saw her I was already enchanted by her broad smile. A very friendly and smart woman. At that time I organized several sustainable fashion events and Stephanie was always there to support the initiatives. Stephanie is a real traveler and has lost her heart to New York. If you ever go to New York and want to visit the best sustainable clothing spots, then you absolutely must check her blog. In addition, Stephanie recently launched an incredibly beautiful E-Book 'Sustainable Fashion'. In other words, follow this babe and you will definitely find your way into the beautiful world of sustainable fashion!

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Wants to make sustainable fashion more fashionable

Laura's really an artist. I met her for the first time during a photoshoot for a sustainable webshop for clothing. She was very professional and nice to work with. What I didn't know back then is that she is also a good writer who likes to share her vision on the life of a sustainable lifestyle through her blog Lauresque. She wants to make sustainable fashion more fashionable. An idea that I very much support and that is desperately needed to make a larger audience enthusiastic about sustainable fashion. So if you love photography and sustainable fashion, follow this beautiful lady.

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When Sarah Smiles

A conscious fashion journey

Some time ago I worked together with the sustainable clothing brand Guave. I was the creative director of their 'Identities' campaign. This campaign was launched during a nice party with friends, family and professionals from the clothing industry. This is where I first met Sarah. She really is a beauty both inside and outside. She has been working hard for years to inspire consumers to make more conscious choices through her blog When Sarah Smiles. She does this with great class and is one of the most popular bloggers of the moment. She is also currently working for a sustainable jeans brand to increase their visibility. So she works on the side of consumers and the market. What a heroine.

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Style Me Green

Sustainable fashion, vintage, new technologies and fair fashion

If you love sustainable fashion and technology, then you really should know Victoria. Victoria's blog, Style Me Green focuses on sustainable fashion, vintage, new technologies and the social aspect of fashion. Victoria likes to connect people from all over the world in her Instagram community and share her findings in the field of sustainable fashion. Victoria is also a good ambassador for Cosh! Victoria is so inspiring because she is a mother, has a lot of fun and is also committed to sustainability in many different ways! So follow.

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Die Konsumentin

Creates sustainable fashion city guides

Cosh! is lucky to call Esther van Die Konsumentin an ambassador. Esther has a blog called Die Konsumentin, which she founded together with her partner. If you're looking for a bold sustainable fashion and second-hand clothing guide, I'd definitely take a look at this blog. They search for go-to-places in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Berlin and collect them in very handy city guides. So Esther is always looking for the most trendy places and fashion items of the moment and does all the work for you. So if you are planning on going to Amsterdam, Berlin or Hamburg soon, I would definitely check out this blog to make sure you get home with some new favourite items!

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Good For

Sisters on a mission for charity

Lindsey and Romy are the babes behind the blog Good For where they write about a sustainable lifestyle. They really have a good eye for fashion and the latest developments in this area. Something that is very important to get more people in touch with sustainable fashion. I met these inspiring ladies for the first time during the premiere of the documentary The Positive Chain of Change and from that moment on we have never lost touch. Like Victoria and Esther, Lindsey is also an ambassador for Cosh! Another example of a young woman fighting for change. So if you're still looking for some inspiration to live a more sustainable lifestyle, check out the Good For blog!

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My Slow World

A blog that takes on the battle with fast fashion

Alexandra has worked as a volunteer for the Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week, but wanted more. She started her blog My Slow World to inspire you to choose slow fashion instead of fast fashion. I met Alexandra for the first time when she came to donate her clothes in The Impact Shop. In addition, she is also an ambassador for Cosh! So she does everything she can to make a positive impact in the clothing industry and to slow down fast fashion. Go Alexandra!

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Real stories behind brands with a soul

If you want to discover the real story behind shops with a soul, I'll have to warn you for a new addiction. If you look at the blog of Soulstores, you will understand why. You will immediately feel the urge to visit all these wonderful initiatives that Talita Kalloe writes about. For me she is therefore a great inspiration and working in the sustainable clothing industry wouldn't be so much fun without her!

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The Green Monki

Fashion, travelling and politics

Chloe is a real conscious babe with a political interest. She is one of the few who not only writes about fashion, travel and other aspects of a sustainable lifestyle on her blog The Green Monki, but also writes about politics. She is truly a woman to my heart and therefore certainly deserves a place in this list of inspiring women!

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A Sustainable Mess

Makes conscious living accessible

Alison is a mother with a beautiful smile. I find her inspiring because she is very honest, as is the name of her blog 'A Sustainable mess'. For me she is an example of showing that conscious living is not always easy, but we can help each other by being honest about this and we can find the connection with each other here.

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Blog By Jenn

An honest mother takes a look behind the scenes

Jennifer is not on this list because she is the most typical sustainable fashion blogger, but because she is terribly honest about everything in her life as a mother. She writes about a wide range of topics on her blog 'Blog By Jenn' and gives a look behind the scenes on her Instagram. In addition, she names herself a sustainable fashion activist. A beautiful combination. Go follow!

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