Promising circular brands for 2023 in the Netherlands

2022 is almost over again. COSH! is pleased to introduce new circular entrepreneurs from the Netherlands who made their rise last year and will shine more than ever next year. All of them are talented, sustainable, circular entrepreneurs whom we are convinced will have a promising future.


NUTT Amsterdam: Donated fabrics become hip blazers

For a unique, stylish and circular blazer, NUTT Amsterdam is the place to be! Founder Esther makes upcycled, colourful and sometimes asymmetrical blazers from any usable fabrics that are donated. Think jeans, sweatshirts, army jackets, dresses, blouses and much more. Take a look at her beautiful collection and find a circular blazer that suits your personality!

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Made out of

Made out of: upcycling old banners, work clothes and bouncy castles into bags

The aim of Made out of from Nieuw-Beijerland is to make a local, social and ecological impact! That is why they upcycle old banners, workwear and bouncy castles into bags, work with vegan apple leather and make new products from local waste wood. They also use recycled materials such as recycled cotton, recycled wool felt or Pet felt from recycled PET bottles.

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Reclaimed Tee

Reclaimed Tee: T-shirts made from recycled and biodegradable materials

At Reclaimed Tee in Amsterdam, t-shirts are made from 'reclaimed' or recycled and biodegradable materials. Leonie Windhouwer founded RE|claimed two years ago and researched how a woman's shirt could be produced as sustainably as possible. From this came the starting point of reusing as much waste as possible. Currently, that means at least 30% recycled cotton, supplemented by wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Discover beautiful naturally dyed t-shirts in soft colours!

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Rambler Studio: social and dynamic studio

At Rambler Studios Amsterdam on the Zeedijk, young talents get creative designing, making and selling upcycled/circular clothing. The studio is directed by a team of Rambler Creative Coaches and Lifestyle Coaches with a focus on fashion design and youth social work. The young people are called Ramblers: walking, searching, but who one day find their path in life. Their stories play an important role in the social and dynamic studio. You can also bring in your own clothes, which will be turned into something new. They now also have studios in Berlin and New York, where talents can make their creations. The studios are in the city centre so definitely worth a visit on your city trip!

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ENSŌ: Unique vintage

For unique vintage and upcycled clothing, ENSŌ is the place to be in Amsterdam. You'll be surprised by how beautifully curated the pieces are at this vintage shop. There is both designer vintage and regular vintage on offer and everything is hand-picked in Italy and Spain. In addition, the proprietresses also upcycle second-hand clothes. For example, they make kimonos or unique blouses. True one-of-a-kind pieces to cherish for a long time! Their brand of upcycled vintage items also hangs in more and more shops.

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Archivist Studio: Shirts made from hotel sheets

For shirts made from fancy hotel sheets, Archivist is the place to be! The shirts are made from the highest quality materials such as Egyptian cotton. Archivist works with hotel linen from luxury hotels in Amsterdam, London and Romania. The clothes are also produced in the latter country.

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Koda Amsterdam: clippings become bags and accessories!

At Koda Amsterdam you will find timeless bags and accessories. All products are made from clippings from curtain and furniture fabric, sturdy and circular! The pieces are designed by Dutch designers and are all unique because different clippings come in every day. The brand is also for sale at Moose in the City.

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Red Orka

Red Orka: Rent a romper!

Do your kids grow out of their clothes so fast too? Red Orka has a solution for that! You can rent rompers made from organic cotton. How does it work? At Red Orka, you can take out a 'green parenting' subscription. You will then receive a set of rompers of your choice, choosing from 4, 6 or 10 rompers in a particular size. Each time your baby outgrows a romper set, you swap them for a new set of rompers.

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Logocomo: Leftovers and second-hand clothes

At Logocomo, you can be completely yourself thanks to the bright colours and fun prints! For the collections, Romy almost exclusively uses unique, sustainable materials such as residual fabrics and second-hand clothes. Logocomo recently did a collaboration with the Kledingbank in Rotterdam in which Romy upcycled 'old' garments into new clothes.

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Sylvia Calvo

Sylvia Calvo: from jute sacks to dresses and jackets!

The coffee is imported by Dutch coffee roasters, after which Sylvia sets to work with the bags to turn them into beautiful dresses and jackets in region Barcelona. With love for the material and keeping the recognisable elements such as the print of the coffee export and taking it in all honour on her designs.

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