Go eco-shopping in Antwerp with COSH! and Billie Cup

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's almost here. Lights hanging in the shopping streets, the smell of hot chocolate and in the shop windows, the Christmas scenes shine. December is the shopping month par excellence. We want cozy Christmas stuff and beautiful gifts for our loved ones. Unfortunately, all that consumption also has an impact on our planet. How do you celebrate a cozy Christmas if you also want to be nice to our planet?

COSH! and Billie Cup to the rescue! These two eco-start-ups call for a sustainable Christmas: buy sustainable and drink sustainable in shopping city Antwerp.

Billie Cup & COSH: 'We know only too well that it is not easy for consumers today. You will be inundated with information. While the good initiatives really do exist. We both want to make it easy for consumers to make responsible choices. COSH! uses its online platform to tell you what the real sustainable brands and shops are, and where to find them. Billie Cup is an accessible and inexpensive alternative to the disposable cup: for a Billie you pay a one euro deposit in your coffee bar, which you get back when you bring your Billie back in."

What's Billie Cup?

Billie Cup is the initiative of zero waste activist Vanessa Debruyne and Mei Plasticvrij campaign leader Ineke Van Nieuwenhove. At festivals, reusable cups are gradually becoming commonplace. But what about the tens of thousands of disposable coffee cups in offices, schools, stations, hospitals and coffee bars that end up in the bin every day? Billie Cup to the rescue!

Billie Cup is a reusable cup with a 1 euro guarantee that you can find and bring back in every participating shop. And since its launch in May, there have been almost 100 of them: from coffee bars in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent to universities and colleges (VUB, KdG, LUCA, Vives...), one hospital, (UZ Gent) and some companies. The network is growing every day. Billie Cup continues until there is no more disposable cup to be seen! One cup for all! And you? Are you already using Billie Cup?

Merry sustainable X-mas!

In December, you will receive a Billie Christmas card (*) with every purchase in one of the Antwerp COSH! shops. This gives you a free coffee in a Billie Cup in one of the Antwerp shops on the back of the Christmas card. Billie Cup treats! Because there's nothing wrong with wanting to buy nice presents for friends and family. But that can also be done responsibly with a little goodwill. Every step counts!

(*) action from 1 to 31.12.19 as long as stocks last.