Bodil Huisman:

'I decided to make it my mission to change the fashion game.'

During my Bachelor in Fashion Business, I was able to visit several factories in Asia. These visits left a big impression on me; seeing this other side of the fashion industry and realizing the social and environmental impact of it opened my eyes. After these trips, my view on the current fashion system completely changed and I decided to make it my mission to change the fashion game.

Last year I finished a Master in Sustainability in Fashion and in early 2019, I founded my organic lingerie label (@UrbanPoetryIntimates). To me sustainable fashion means creating a design that does not just take, but actually gives back. This is what makes a sustainable piece become your secret super power, and that’s what fascinates me.

I am exited to see that the past years there have been some great developments and more sustainable brands have been founded. However, it is still difficult to find these brands and that is why it is so amazing COSH! is there. It will make the “treasure hunting” for sustainable and fair pieces a lot easier. A fun way to get access to the world of sustainable treasures!

So sign up now if you want this application to be launched!