Rachel Cannegieter:

'Looking good & knowing your clothes are. COSH! makes it happen.'

Living sustainably just makes sense to me, even though it's not always easy. During my study fashion management at AMFI in Amsterdam, I learned that the fashion industry wasn’t all that honest. Actually it was a mess and it seemed that only few were aware or cared about this. So I researched the need for organic cotton during my final thesis. Sadly, at the time hardly any brand used this material nor were they interested.

Concentrated on implementing change, I started organizing neighborhood & beach cleanups and involving my kids and our neighborhood. Slowly, step by step, I adapted a more sustainable lifestyle and started blogging about this. I have interviewed the likes of Clare Press, sustainability editor at Vogue Australia, Chanel Trapman, documentary maker sustainable fashion and Chiara Spruit who is the epitome of sustainable wardrobe detoxing. So many more changers in their own right, I can’t wait to share more with you.

Throughout my professional career in fashion it was very important for me to highlight sustainable products to my customers. I was unaware that sustainable fashion was my drive to continue working in fashion and ultimately to make a change in this industry. In 2019 I founded sustainability consultancy Rethink Rebels. Today’s winners perform both financially and benefit to people and planet. We offer a value-driven business and communication strategy which meets that.

Also I joined Fashion Revolution Netherlands; a passionate advocate for sustainable fashion and my passion is to become the industry’s go-to consultant on the subject.

Making sustainable fashion choices took quite some research before. Whereas now, with COSH! this research is done for you. You can just sit back, use your phone & enjoy the well-designed sustainable options provided.

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